Yahoo, Facebook, Spotify: 6 Advertising Strategies You Absolutely Need To Know About

As the market gets fiercer and new hungry competitors join in for the party, new advertising strategies have to be taken into consideration. Spotify, Facebook and even Yahoo have been re-inventing their marketing, innovating new ways to improve their customer experience and retaining a much needed customer base to keep the cash flowing in.

1. Spotify recently announced two new innovative video ad formats – both that are optimized for desktop and smartphone. This completely new ad optimization will significantly increase Spotifiy’s revenue as the company will start rolling out video advertisement for several brands by the end of the year.

2. Facebooks video views have been skyrocketing, increasing by 50% between May and July. Has that anything to do with auto-playing videos on newsfeeds? Maybe. With that being said Zuckerberg will now allow users to to see how many views a public video has.

3. Yahoo is now expanding their ads to third-party sites through Yahoo’s personal Recommends platform. So publishers will now be able to recommend content from their own sites, thereby including “sponsored content”.

4. ABC television stations recently announced that they’ll be using the Rentraks rating system to be able to keep track of TV audience ratings. Rentrak, which is traded on NASDAQ, is an international research company which is used by plenty of global media entities such as: CBS, NBC and even FOX.

5. Facebook is now hinting that it’ll soon be getting into “content recommendation – following the route of Yahoo. So whenever you click on a game or a piece of content, a bunch of other recommendations will pop up.

6. Twitter is getting into the “retail business” and is launching a “buy” button which will primarily be presented to a couple of U.S users at first. Eventually it’ll expand to all U.S and international markets.

Picture Credit: Business Insider