10 Brutal Realities You Face When Realizing You’ve Become An Adult

You know what happens when you move out of college? You move the f**k on! College life is over, and it’s time to snap out of the imaginary childish world you live in. Thanks to “adult related responsibilities”, bills, early mornings and even a steady relationship, we have all realized that life sucks. But when grieving over how harsh it is, just remember: You’re not alone.

Nobody is going to feel sorry for you because “there is so much to do”. We are all in the same boat. We all go through the same transition phase. So next time you find yourself  complaining about the hardships of life, remember that others are doing something about it. Shit gets real, and when it does, baby step yourself into the adult life.

Here’s what you come to realize.

1. High phone bills are a new thing you now pay for


It sucks, but it’s the truth! As soon as you’re out of the nest, you’ll find yourself turning off data roaming when traveling,


2. The day will come when you realize that everyone around you is either pregnant or married


And not only that, but they will flood your newsfeed to assure that you know about it!


3. Unlike the good ol´days, life is expensive


Excluding your friends who studied law, finance or took on an entrepreneurial venture, after you’ve paid off your monthly necessities, food, rent and other utilities, you’ll panic. All of a sudden you can’t mix buying a necessity and a luxury. Metro card or new underwear. Never both.


4. A hangover will last for days and you’ll feel like the world is going under


Just like any well-oiled machine, eventually, you will rust. Your stamina will gradually fade away and your magic ability to wake up after long nights, functioning, is long gone.


5. You will actually stop caring about the little things


This truly must be one of the nicer parts of growing up. Getting a feel of what really matters and what doesn’t. Weren’t invited out? Don’t care. Your friends keep on bitching. Stopped listening. You can’t go out next Friday. Whatever. 


6. You become what you eat


We have been hearing it for years, but it doesn’t hit you till your early 20s. Your fabulous high school metabolism is gone and surviving on pizza every now and then is the equivalent of a two hour gym workout.


7. Even though you’ve moved out, you feel like you have to tell your family about everything


And I’m not only talking about the big things, we’re talking about small little things that not even your BFF would listen to. It’s like when you call your mom to tell her that you’re tired or that you’ve been working really hard today. Now despite her being hundreds of miles away, you still expect her to be there for you.


8. Your mood-swings allow you to totally fight with people that are nowhere near you


It’s true. You can call your dad for hours without him picking up or tell your uncle to come by and help you out with the furniture – without him coming. Thereby it’s fully possible to hate everyone you haven’t seen for months.


9. Homesickness comes and goes in periods


As a mommas boy, you can definitely miss your bed and your mom, and there is no shame in stating that! With that being said, you might feel a little pathetic as you over-dramatatize these moment.


10. Your party-days are over


I know it sounds crazy, but most of the time, you really just want to sleep. Falling asleep whenever and wherever you want isn’t something prioritized as washed sheets is something you notice – and look forward to! Bed at 9 pm? Beautiful!

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