Eights iPhone 6 Features That Will Have Millennials More Hooked Up Than Ever

Let’s be honest here, we are all hooked – hooked more than ever. We know it and Apple certainly knows it. Apple’s newest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus means the start of a new addiction, on a whole new level.  Featuring new innovations, we are bound for a game-changer when it comes to the “basic” sh*it: Instagram, selfies, shopping and all of the above – it’s all about to change.

Here is how the iPhone 6 will change (and maybe enhance) our lives!

Sexier Selfies #NoFilter

First and foremost, with the iPhone’s 6 upgraded front-faced camera, with a new “burst” feature selfie-mode, you’ll be able to chose the “right” non-double-chin picture. God bless technology for making us that much photogenic!


With better graphics you can now procrastinate for real

Thank you Apple for your A8 processor and 64-bit chip – together they’ll make the phone gaming experience so much better! So if you thought your flappy bird looked hot before, wait till you see it now!


Improved battery life for all-nighters

Well, this doesnt include the iPhone 6, but the iPhone 6 Plus. The 6 Plus can last a full 24 hours in standby mode. This means that your phone will finally last through a long night out.


No more autocorrecting

Apple installed a new “predictive keyboard” into the iPhone 6 – preventing all those embarrassing yet hilarious “autocorrect” incidents.


Photos will enhance your life, making it look way better than it really is

With the new iPhone 8 megapixel camera and updated  interior, allowing you to focus twice the speed of the iPhone 5s, you’ll definitely enlighten your life with Apple’s over-realistic enhancing camera.


Video and TV streaming anywhere to comfort your lonely-times

How does 14 hours of video sound? The iPhone 6 Plus new battery can now cope with your “single-times”, allowing you to watch 14 full episodes of “House of Cards” – heaven!


Pay for your Starbucks in an instant

With Apple’s new Apple Pay, you never have to walk around with cash – or a credit card! This means that you’ll be avoiding digging through your bag or wallet to pay for your Latte.


You’re royalty: Comes in silver and gold because you’re worth it

I hate your fugly tarred up phone case from last year – there I said it! Now you can not only look like royalty, but feel like royalty with iPhone’s new brushed silver and gold colored exterior. So do yourself a favor and throw those plastic cases away!

Photo credit: We Heart It