10 Scam Proof Ways to Make Money from Home Using Your Skill and the Internet

The world-wide web offers plenty of opportunities to individuals looking to earn an income. However, scouring through job placements over the internet has one major risk – Deception! Many websites offer lucrative jobs for small upfront fees and promise you a get-rich-quick scheme.

Avoid these job offers like the plague!

No legitimate company asks you for a fee to reveal the secrets on earning well. It’s a good way for companies to lure unsuspecting victims and swindle money from them. Read on further to find genuine ways of earning money online using your natural talent and knowledge.

1. Telemarketing

A home-based job that requires you to have a good grasp on communication skills and a friendly personality.  Companies offer these jobs as a means of outsourcing their sales marketing. Telemarketers are usually paid by the hour and have the freedom of earning a commission based on their overall sales performance.

The more sales you bring to the company – the more money you receive in your bank account.

2. Publish Books Digitally

Sites like Amazon and Apple, offer ways for a writer to publish their books in a digital format. E-books are quite popular and convenient for readers to quickly purchase and begin reading. As a writer, you can fully concentrate on writing books and leave the sales portion to these companies.

There’s an ocean of profit to be made in selling books on popular third-party sites and best of all you don’t have to pay a single upfront fee.

3. Advertise on Niche Websites

Who doesn’t love to read information on a much-needed topic? Create a website and focus on a topic, such as Sports, Fitness, Cooking, etc. these are known as niche websites. Once you get your website up and obtain a dedicated reader base, start placing ads all over your site.

Google AdSense is a popular name in the advertising world, you receive money from AdSense every time your reader clicks on an ad.

4. Video Ads

Popular YouTube user PewDiePiew earns a staggering $4 million dollars each year by simply uploading videos related to gaming news. You too can start a career by offering interesting videos to users from around the world.

It’s important to create videos that are interesting as well as unique to ensure your video becomes a viral hit.

5. Auction items

There comes a time when an item has served its purpose and you no longer have a use for it. Simply open a listing on popular sites such as eBay and auction such items.

You can clear up space in your home and earn money while doing so. You could also try buying items for bulk at a flea market and sell them at a profit on eBay.

6. Cyber Crafting

If you have a hobby in creating artistic creations out of salvageable products such as broken furniture, old TVs, etc. why not turn it into a full-fledged career?

We are serious! Your hobby of converting household items into artsy accessories are very much in demand. You could sell unique creations on your website and sell anything from a shell necklace to a ceramic vase with customized painting.

7. Become an Online Consultant

Do your friends come to you for advice on a category you are an expert at? Maybe you are a self-taught guru on cars or perhaps you have unlimited knowledge in gadgets such as mobile phones and appliances. Convert this knowledge into a consultancy career.

Many companies look for freelancers in consultancy to aid in answering their customer’s queries. You could also become a seasoned writer on these topics and offer reviews.

8. Catering Services

There are plenty of ways to share your delicious homemade food to hungry people. Host your services on partner sites such as Cookening, MealSharing, etc. or create your own cooking website. Interested clients will notify you on catering services required at their premises.

You can choose to either cook food or bake pastries such as cakes for these events.

9. Transcriber

Transcribers are paid by the hour for various tasks such as converting a spoken material into another language, to represent in written phonetics or symbols, to make a note of a radio recording, to arrange a composition of music, etc.

Transcribing requires a computer and an internet connection along with a good knowledge in dialogue.

10. Sell Stock Photos

Licensed and copyrighted photos are utilized by large companies for specific needs. If you are an active photographer of wildlife, monumental sites, beaches, etc. you can make a living by selling these stock photos to interested parties.

You could also host your stock artwork on sites such as iStockPhoto and become an exclusive contributor.

And there you are! 10 great ways to monetize online and a foolproof method to stay away from online scams.

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