10 Things You Might Not Have Known About Google

As the saying at every graduation ceremony goes, “Thank you Google, Wikipedia and Sparknotes for helping me get this diploma”… Well, Google became a long time ago one of the few services we can’t imagine life without, but while we may be googling almost every other minute, we don’t know nearly that much about the company and the awesome things we could do while on Google. This article will shed some lights on some few things you might not have known about Google.

1. First things first

How on earth did they come up with the name Google? When PhD students get together to start a company, they can pick the nerdiest names, Google being one of them. It comes from googol, or 10 to the power 100! That’s too many zeros for us to write here!

2. How much is Google (Alphabet) worth?

As of now, Google is worth a whopping $545 Billion. That’s shy of Apple’s $581 Billion today, but in February 1st, Alphabet had a larger market cap than Apple!

3. Google sucked at calls

In the words of Google co-founder Page in an interview with Time Magazine:

We were in a small office on University Ave. in Palo Alto and we had maybe less than 30 people there, or something like that. And we already had millions of users. We’d accidentally published our phone number on our website, and our phone number was just unusable. We had to get a new one then, because people just started calling us.

And there’s only 30 of us. We couldn’t even answer the phone for millions of people. But we could run a website. And I think that shows you the incredible multiplication factors you can get with technology. You can easily run a website for millions of people with a small group. But you can’t run a phone number with that many people.

4. The most expensive keywords

If you have a business and decide to start placing ads on google, you might be surprised about just how much your cost will run into. For example, the most expensive keywords can cost you almost $200 per click if you’re advertising for online gambling sites!

Now onto the fun stuff!

5. Old school games

Fancy some play time while googling away? Type “atari breakout” on Google Images and enjoy!

6. Shopping spree

On average, Google has been buying a new company almost every week. Talk about being shopaholic!

7. Google is generous

If you work at Google and you pass away, your spouse will pocket half your salary for the next 10 years, courtesy of Google!

8. Barrel Roll

Google “do a barrel roll” and watch the page go crazy!

9. Tilt

If you’re not that much into barrel rolls, then go for a tilt, much neater, and won’t give you nausea either! Google “askew” and see for yourself!

10. Alphabet made easy

Don’t know what all those alphabets stand for, well, here is a list that will make realise that Google is everything but just one company!

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