With $20 Million On The Table, Google Wants To Take Us Back To The Moon

Google is trying to do everything these days, from monopolizing internet search to trying their hands at the wearable tech market, beaming internet from flying balloons and creating modular phones. It’s hardly a surprise to see the tech giant venture in the field of space exploration, this time with a $1 Billion investment in SpaceX and their own little prize: The Google Lunar X Prize!

It’s actually quite weird that the last time we’ve visited our distant satellite was during the cold war. Now we’re just sending satellites and dreaming of a distant day when we’ll be able to build colonies on the Moon. That distant day is not far thanks to the latest innovation and developments in the Space industry championed by SpaceX.

Google now is working on encouraging more advances in the field by launching its Lunar X Prize, a $20 Million prize aimed at encouraging people to build commercially viable robots to be sent to the moon. The challenge is to get your robot to the moon, land it, make it drive or move 500 meters while taking pictures and videos to be transmitted back to earth. Oh, and did we mention that the whole operation should be at least 90% privately funded?

Check the mini-documentary Google made for their contest:

Photo Credit: Lunar X Prize