3 Tips to Find Any Investor’s Email

Finding the email of a potential investor or mentor is an invaluable tool to have. By getting acquainted with Google’s advanced search methods, public directories, and Rapportive, you will be able to find almost anyone’s email.

Google Search

Using advanced search methods on Google can save a lot of time when finding an email. Using quotes to search for someone’s name, like Seth Godin, along with email me at can yield the desired result.

Public Web Domain Directory

When someone registers a domain name, their information is made public as the owner of the website. To demonstrate, I will find Kevin Systrom’s email, the founder of Instagram.

First, find a website that Kevin Systrom owns. In the following Vine, CrunchBase shows that he owns www.systrom.com

Next, we will search the public directory, Polo Domains to check if his information is made public. We find that his email is kevinsystrom@gmail.com

Verifying Emails with Rapportive

Once you have the email, you are able to verify that it is still active with a Gmail App called Rapportive.

The information on the right side will show you Kevin’s various social networks and his job title.

Do you find emails using another method? Let me know in the comments below.

Here is access to my list of emails that I have found using the above methods.