4 easy steps for better choices in life

Have you ever regretted anything? I think we all have. It is hard not to, it seems at times it can be very difficult to know what the right decision is. In life I believe we all move toward things that make us happy, and away from the things that tune us down or hurts us. I also believe that all people, no matter who they are; are entitled to as much happiness and success as they want. I started cracking on this piece because I know what kind of capacity people potentially have; we are all capable of great things. Here are a few different tools and techniques that have increased my ability to make better choices and have fewer regrets. Read this piece with an open mind and just try some of the ideas out, I mean what is the worst that could happen? Make your life a little better?

1. Say It Right

Usually it can be difficult, if not impossible, to make a choice and be certain it was the right choice. One of the biggest factors that will hold people back is that too often we are not completely clear on what type of result or outcome we want from a situation. Think about it, if you don’t really know what kind of result you want, it´s going to be pretty damn hard to know what choices are going to be the right ones. So what do you do? You clear out your head. Before engaging in any choices or selections, its essential to think about what you want out of the situation. Consider its short-term as well as it long-term effects. It may sounds easy, but knowing exactly what you want is very powerful, and if you commit to using this tool I´m sure you´ll make choices with ease and certainty.

2. Give a little

We´ve all heard the golden expression; Do onto others as you would have them do onto you. This is probably one of the most important ideas to keep in mind when making good choices. When we´re young a lot of us develop this me, me, me, attitude. We wanted all the toys, and there was no way we would share. Now this mentality may get us a lot of toys, but it definitely   doesn’t help you establish relationships. Success in this day and age is only reached by working together with others. If we can help others get what they want, they will be much more willing to help us get what we want. So when making any single choice it´s always ideal to think about how can I give in this situation? Who else is involved? How can I help them as well as myself to get what we want? It’s the perfect formula that definitely won’t fail you. So put some effort into being aware of others, and get out there and give!

3. Class Time

Until this day I still remember those crazy words Mrs. Green would say every afternoon when everybody was dying to go home; “its class time”. Now many of us may think that once we´ve finished high school or college the learning is over. Well, I hate to break it down to you, but you’re out of your mind. The only thing that changes is your classroom environment together with Mrs. Green of course. We will always be learning new things, meeting new people, and gathering new data to edge up our minds. Although one lesson that puzzles many of us is that no matter what happens in any situation, we will always learn from it. You got fired because you were snapchatting your “meal of the day” on Facebook? Well now you know what NOT to do.  So many of us are afraid to take risky choices because we simply don’t want to face the consequential outcomes that will accompany that choice. Yet keep in mind whatever we think about is what we manifest, so unfortunately when we get overly concerned with making the wrong choices we tend to descend it further and further into that fear based thinking that in turn leads us to make a decision that we are unhappy with.

I think it is pretty safe to say that any skill, ability or just about anything else that we have developed in our lives didn’t occur to us on the first try. Most of us want everything to work out the first time and avoid failure at all costs. Well there is a term for that my friends and its called luck! The reality is that things generally don’t work out the first time, if life was that easy we would all be healthy and rich, but we don’t have to absorb failures as defeats. If you are willing, and a lot of us are too stubborn, to learn from your past you are much less likely to repeat the failure. The quality of your choices will be directly related to how much you are willing to learn from the previous ones. When you learn from your choices you end up with much less regret and disappointments.

4. Fear Is Your Best Friend

When it comes to making choices there can be a lot of fear involved. A lot of uncertainty can be present when it´s time for us to make a decision, be it big or small. The messed up part is that fear can be so powerful at times; it can render us useless, thus we end up making no decision at all. That is what I consider true regret because there is nothing to learn from, no action, good or bad was taken. But we have to remember that fear is there for a reason, and while its there, we have to take advantage of it and choose how you’re going to use it. The discomfort that comes with fear is a signal, a signal telling us that we are on the brink of something new, some personal growth, or even a breakthrough. Fear is there to let you know you are growing, to show you there are still uncharted territories for you to explore.

All through out history the greatest of the great have felt fear. Surely they were not without it, rather they used it to push themselves forward. Now I am not saying that you have to go down the pages of history, but remember the saying “war is fear cloaked in courage”.  You can have your own victories and triumphs when you choose to make fear your new BFF that pushes you beyond your comfort zone.

As we move through this journey of life we will surely encounter many valleys, although it´s my strong belief that if you make a sound effort to make these mentioned ideas not only some tips and tricks you know, but to make them a part of who you are. Own them, and they will work wonders for you, they will take you to glorious places and countless peaks.