The 5 Classified Motivation Rules

So it seems no matter how much we read, how many videos we watch, or seminars we go to motivation still is a problem for many of us. So what gives? If we all know the tricks and tips the gurus use, then why is it that we do not find our motivation at the level we want it. The reason is simple; as many tools or tips that we may know, often, we do not take the time to really blend these ideas into who we are. Make a commitment to not only use these next 5 rules but become them and your motivation will soar!

1. Success and Fear

It seems to me that one of the largest issues that will hold people back in their pursuit of happiness is fear. To be more specific it is the fear of failure, because let’s face it, no one wants to feel like a failure. So then why is it that some of us are willing to move towards that which may bring failure and some of us avoid it like the plague? It comes down to our evaluation of success and failure. Try looking at failure as a learning experience a way for you to gain more information and more power, and then be willing to take that new knowledge and power and use it in your next attempt. Imagine it like chipping away all the other possible realities other than success.

2. Forget the list

How familiar does this sound; it´s New Years Eve and everyone is running around high on life, stuffed with a little too much to drink and eggnog. You sit down at the end of the night and decided; God damn it! This is going to be the year that things change. So what do you do? You set a goal! Then because you read in some trashy magazine that you should make a list of all the benefits your goal will bring, you make a list that is two miles long. The trouble tends to be that the list is made up of logical items. Human beings, as much as we may not like to admit it, are not logical, we are emotional. The solution? When you are examining the benefits of your goal make totally sure that they draw from you a deep emotional feeling. This will guarantee some extra fire in your engine!

3. Negative is not bad

When you are collecting your thoughts and stacking the deeply emotional benefits of your goal do not to forget to ad in the deeply emotional negative consequence that you will face if you do not go along with or stick to your goal. You would not believe the amount of motivation you can have by creating a crisp clear image of what it would feel like to fall short of your goals. To miss out on all the glory that comes with attaining them. So get out there and think negative! (But do it with passion!)

4. The View from Above

Another habit we often carry with us that can keep us from our motivation is our vision. I am not talking about literal vision, rather our ability to see the future. It becomes extremely difficult if not impossible to become motivated if we do not have a crisp clear picture of what our life will be like once this goal is ours. We tend to be very moment oriented; don’t you find this to be true? We generally are more interested in what will make us happy in this moment and not what will make us happy a week, a month, a year from now and sadly far too often we pay the price because of it. So use your gift of imagination to paint a vivid picture of the future, and all the splendor that comes along with it, do not be content with the present and your improvement will be never ending!

5. Act for the Sake of Action

There will be a time when you use all these tools and ideas, and even start to make them become a part of who you are and still will see your motivation shrinking. Now this is when your personal power matters more than ever. It is at this moment when you are really making an effort to improve and you are on the edge of break through that your old lazy self will fight with all it’s got to ensure things do not change. So what do you do? You would do what any person that has a cause would do; you fight back with all of your soul, all of your heart, and all of your might. When you feel like you just can´t take another step or get out of bed when the alarm goes off, that´s the exact moment, whether you want to or not, that you must act. You must trump your negative thoughts with positive action. Just do it, don´t think, just make your body do what you know it needs to. Do this and soon you will completely own your new habit and motivation will seep from your pores.

Keep in mind all great things take time. But if you are willing to use these steps and commit to owning them and not just using them, then I can say with certainty that your life will improve. Until next time, live like a champion!

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