5 Energy Saving Ideas for a Sustainable Workplace

As a business owner, there all sorts of costs that you will need to deal with on a daily basis. Whether it’s sorting out employees’ salaries, or renting office space, keeping control of your finances is important. When it comes to energy consumption, keeping the costs down is crucial, so here are 5 energy saving ideas for a sustainable workplace.

Switch Off the Lights

It goes without saying, artificial lights need power to work, whereas natural light is free, so limiting your usage of artificial lighting is key. While dark areas of your workplace may need to have lighting, try and bring as much natural light into the workplace as possible. If your meeting room, reception, stairs, or corridors are not in use, it’s best to switch off the lights rather than waste energy.

Choose Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

The less energy you use, the less money you will waste on your electricity bills. If your workplace doesn’t get much natural light throughout the day, you may want to consider opting for low wattage lights. You may also want to replace your existing bulbs with LED lights. Not only do they consume less power, but LED lights last longer too.

Upgrade Outdated Equipment

If you have any old electrical equipment in your office that is no longer performing at its maximum efficiency, this could cost you money in the long run, especially as they may use more power to run. To save money on your energy bill, you should replace old appliances with new energy efficient ones that are certified. When getting rid of old equipment, it’s important that you dispose of it in a proper manner and recycle it. We all know how important recycling is, so make sure that you seek out a company who specialise in recycling old electrical equipment.

Carry Out an Energy Audit

Keeping a close eye on your business’s energy consumption is important, so to get a better understanding on how much energy you are using, why not conduct an energy audit? You will know right away whether you’re using too much energy, helping you to come up with ways to lower your energy bill. There are various energy audit companies that you can hire who can come in and identify areas that are a cause for concern.

Switch Off Equipment

Just like with your lights, having equipment running that’s not in use can be making a big dent in your energy bill at the end of the month. To lower the cost, make sure that you plug out any equipment that’s not in use, such as coffee vending machines, printers, and air conditioners. Even if they’re plugged in, these types of electrical devices will continue to drain power.

Finding a Supplier

Now that you have an idea of some of the best energy saving tips for your workplace, it’s important that you find a supplier who meets your needs and provides you with the cheapest service. With that in mind, you may want to consider using a site like Utility Bidder where you can compare a range of business energy providers, such as Opus Energy.

Switching off artificial lights for natural sunlight, choosing energy efficient light bulbs, upgrading all outdated equipment, as well as carrying out an energy audit are just a few energy saving ideas for a sustainable workplace.