5 Reasons To Why Apples New iOS 8 Will Change Your Life

Let’s be honest, there has been a bunch of features every iPhone addict has been wanting to remove or at least change. Everything from the endless annoying group-texts that you can’t seem to leave to the “damn you autocorrect” difficulties we’ve all been facing.

At Apples’ annual World Wide Developers Conference last week, Apple introduced some new mind-blowing features to its newest operating system, the iOS 8. And as Apples’ last OS update might terrify you for this coming one, radical and actual “smart” changes and redesigns have been made, giving the iPhone interface a whole new facelift and can even be considered as Apples’ biggest move post Steve Jobs.

You now have more control over group-texts

I don’t know about you, but this made my day! It’s about time Apple lets you name your group chats so that you can easily coordinate around the messages. So when you create the “Business trip to Marbella” group, you know exactly where to reply – god knows I’ve sent a handful of “accidental” messages to the wrong groups.

But it gets even better! All those memes, selfies and YOLO pictures you guys sent in your group thread will now be easily accessible on one page, instead of scrolling endlessly in order to find that one pic your BFF sent you. And last but not least, the “Do Not Fu**ing Disturb” has finally been added, so that you can turn off your notifications when your group chat starts sending you 86 messages every two minutes – wondering how your interview is going!

You can send Snapchat-like messages that self-destruct

I literally have no idea how many “inappropriate” pictures I’ve sent to my friends, but this sure as hell comes in handy. So if you’re a fan of Snapchat (FYI I’m not), you’ll definitely fall for this! Apples’ new feature allows you send pictures, audio and even video that’ll automatically self-destruct to save you space on your iPhone – genius!

You can reply to a text within second

Personally this sucks, because now I really have no excuse for not replying back – unless of course, something drastic happens. If your BFF sends you a quick message asking you when the party starts, you can immediately respond to it right from your notifications center – without opening iMessage.

You can edit your favorite picture “photoshop” style

High-tech photo editing has finally been added to the iPhone. Switching up the brightness, contrast, exposure and a whole bunch of ¬†features has been added to your disposal. I can’t say it’s as good as Facetune, but it’ll definitely take them to a whole new level.

You can complete that essay on your iPhone

I can’t be the only one who has actually forgotten to complete something on the laptop, be it a portfolio or a an essay. Well thanks to Apples’ genius feature, Continuity, you can actually finish whatever you haven’t finished, on your iPhone. Just pick it up and continue from wherever you left off on your iPad or Mac and finish that homework or internship project on the bus, in the car – pretty much anywhere!

Picture Credit: Apple