5 Inevitable Things Entrepreneurs Have To Deal With Daily

As you probably already know, the life of an entrepreneur is not as glamourous as the world wants us to believe it is; yes entrepreneurs are having a great time changing the world and making amazing ideas come to life, but they just don’t have it all, and their journey sure as hell isn’t a smooth ride that’ll make everyone go nuts.

Let us walk you through 5 common things entrepreneurs find themselves dealing with the day they decide they want to become the next Zuckerberg or Richard Branson.

1. Recurrent breakups

This is one of the reasons why you have dozens of dating apps springing out of San Francisco. It’s not that tech nerds and over-ambitious entrepreneurs don’t know how to handle relationships, it’s just that our work routine consumes all of our energy and time, leaving us with no space for another significant one. An entrepreneur makes a promise to always stay faithful, not to a women or a guy, but to his or her startup. When managing a venture on your own, you automatically understand that it’s hard to keep your relationship rock solid because you just don’t have the time for all the protocols that come with dating: night outs, dinner, movies, a five-times-a-day-checkups on your loved one.

2. All day every day

Entrepreneurs are probably the only people who can sleep 3 hours a day and still give 110% the morning after. Sleep is for the weak some would love to say, but for entrepreneurs, sleep is not an option, especially when your most expensive resource is time. Amid all the user testing, networking, emailing and prototyping, you just can’t afford to go to bed at midnight like any other human being. Entrepreneurs are the modern day equivalent of vampires, the only difference is that we don’t suck blood out of people, we suck opportunities out of every single situation, even if that means staying up all night to spot the right one!

3. Insanity

Yup, we often times feel like we’re insane and out of our minds, and luckily, people around us confirm that every now and then by pointing fingers at us. See, when most of your friends go clubbing, drinking so much they can barley walk, and you stay behind in order to code a line or two, or finish the rollout of your beta, then yes, I could understand why they think you are a wierdo. Worst yet? When you go around convinced that dropping out of college and pursuing your entrepreneurial endeavors full time is a rational decision when everything we have ever been taught says that college education is the safest and best option, then we’re giving the world another reason to doubt if we’re in our right minds.   We’re either geniuses or everyone else is nuts – or we’re the ones missing a couple of neurons and should listen to our parents a little more often. As it turns out, reality speaks for itself, and entrepreneurship has been proving that it is a very promising path to follow – however crazy it might seem!

4. Nervous breakdowns

Overdose of coffee and excitement, tight deadlines, 23 page To-Do-List and 5 meetings lined up in the morning… yes, nervous breakdowns are definitely a thing in the entrepreneurial world. It’s tempting to think that entrepreneurs have it all and know it all, but at the end of the day, we’re just humans, with weaknesses and limitations. Sometimes it just gets a little overwhelming, sometimes things just don’t work out as planned or don’t work out at all,  leaving us with nothing.  Some people can take it, others can’t, and that’s what the ruthless entrepreneurial machine does: filtering the community where only the fittest survive, the rest, well the rest have to admit that they’re not cut out for it, and have to pop a couple of pills to get themselves shaped up again.

5. Bankruptcy

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that entrepreneurs are not born with a silver spoon in their mouth? Most of us don’t have daddy to put the cash in or a grandmother to pick a couple of grands from under her bed. Entrepreneurs have to hustle for every penny, and sometimes that means putting their own bucks on the line. Guess what happens when things don’t work out? Yup, we just burn through the cash and call chapter 11 for help.

So, still interested in becoming an Entrepreneur?

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    5 Inevitable Things Entrepreneurs Have To Deal With Daily | Gulf Elite | Voice of Millennials

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    5 Inevitable Things Entrepreneurs Have To Deal With Daily | Gulf Elite | Voice of Millennials

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    5 Inevitable Things Entrepreneurs Have To Deal With Daily – Gulf Elite | Voice of MillennialsGulf Elite | Voice of Millennials

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