5 Ways To Become The Center of Attention

We’ve all been in those situations: You are in a meeting, a negotiation session or just at a get together at your friend’s house, and it feels like crap when everyone is kinda ignoring you. There isn’t even a difference between you and the couch right next to you, except that maybe the furniture doesn’t give a damn about being acknowledged. We all aspire to be the center of attention during certain occasions, to be the talk of the hour and have everyone reach out to you, asking about your day, you latest project or a simple word of advice. Now while it might not happen all the time, its always good to spike up your numbers. These five simple tricks could really change those boring “oh-get-me-out-of-here” moments into a memorable experience and an uplifting memory, because after all, who doesn’t like being under the spotlight?

You’re As Good As You Think

If you walk into a meeting feeling like you’re the underdog and thinking that nothing good will come out of it, then thumbs up, because you just screwed up any chance for you to shine. Being great or mediocre starts with you and ends with you. Your confidence, your aura and your impact on people is all the creation of your mind, so if you don’t think you’re cut out for it, then there is no way things will be any different. When you walk in, the first thing you should realize is that you’re a freaking rockstar, you’re going to enjoy your time because you can, and more importantly, your worth and importance is not subject to what people think because you are the one who determines how awesome you are. They say fake it till you make it, I say, why not just make it? Just think about it, the days you woke up, thinking that´ll be yet another shitty day, how did that day turn out? Exactly. It all boils down to what you think you can do, what you can say, and if you can control that, the sky is the limit.

Act like a Boss

There is nothing more striking about a person than the way they act, the way they sit and the way they talk. Some people strike you as amazing without even saying a word, and that’s happening for a reason. 80% of our communication is through body language, so if you say I’m great and your body shows that you’re feeling distressed and going nuts, then you’re headed for disaster. Assume a power pose, be consistent in your act and show that their at your home-ground. If you’re going to a formal meeting, not really sure on what your going to say or how your going to act, analyze inspiring and powerful figures during your “spare-time” and try to adopt their pose, their tone and even the their walk. If you strike people as being confident and so sure of yourself in the way you act, you’ll have no problem hitting a home-run.

You’re there because you want to, not because you have to

Now that’s one of the important things to remember if you want to steal the show. Think about the difference between when you really wanted to attend something and when you were dragged to that something. The times you wanted to be in a reunion, turned out to be one of the best times in a long time, and that’s because you emotionally and psychologically conditioned yourself to be relaxed and confident in those settings. That’s your target, that’s how you behave. People will give you much more recognition, attention and respect if you look like you’ve been waiting to come over and have the time of your life. If you’re just another douche who is here to crash the party by staying on the couch and looking all grumpy or uncomfortable, then people will simply ignore you, or worst, be hostile to the party pooper you are.

If You Can’t Convince, Confuse

Now you’re all confident, you’re pumped to see that your friends are dying to hear from you and have you sit next to them. Then when you’re about to open your mouth…. theres nothing. You have no idea what they’re talking about, you are not a big fan of classical music or understand anything about Mergers and acquisitions. It’s one thing to seem confident, but it’s another to sound like one. But fear not, with thousands of years of evolution and survival instincts in the back of your head, you can pull off this one as well. Remember that BS is your best weapon in theses cases, you have done the hardest part and that is earning their attention, the rest can be easily accomplished if you sound like you know your shit. Try to talk as seamlessly as possible, never say Uh, hmmm or ahhh. Let the words flow through your mouth even if they make no sense. Throw a bunch of complex words here and there, and try to confuse the hell out of them until they nod in agreement and congratulate you for knowing so much complex “stuff”. People don’t like to seem left out or look like they don’t know what you’re talking about, in fact, 90% of people will fake laugh or agree when they don’t understand what someone is saying to them. At the end of the day, they will nod their heads, pull a smile and wait until you finish to say “You’re right”. In social settings, it’s all about how much you talk and not about how much sense you make. The last thing you have to worry about when music is blasting and people are shouting around is whether you got the price of Facebook stock right in that conversation.

Bring Support

Nothing screams you’re going to have a great time as much as having your pals and friends over with you. The last thing you want is being outnumbered by people you don’t know. That’s the perfect situation for you to crawl back and die silently in your corner. The more friends you have over in that meeting or get together, the more confident you are, the more agreements you’re going to get and the more likely you’re going to shine. There is a reason why animals hunt in packs, and hunting for attention, respect and recognition is easily accomplished when your BFFs are around.

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