5 Ways to Maintain Your Vehicle

There is nothing more important to a car lover than maintaining their vehicle. For your car to retain its value, you want to keep it in its best possible condition which will minimize repair costs and ensure it drives smoothly. There are a variety of steps one must take in order to extend the lifespan of their vehicle. This will allow it to live beyond 150,000 miles. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t necessarily have to be a car expert or mechanic to maintain your vehicle. All it requires is having it serviced regularly and common sense. Here are some ways to keep your car running smoothly.

Purchase a Car Cover

Investing in a car is a huge decision that will greatly impact your everyday life. You need your car to get to work, go grocery shopping, and pick the kids up from school. Your car is vital in almost every aspect of your life. This is why you need to keep your car in its best possible condition. Investing in car covers is a relatively inexpensive way to ensure your car retains its value. A car cover will protect it against dents and scratches while also shielding it against various weather conditions, including rain, snow, hail, and heavy winds. There are other benefits to owning a car cover such as protection against UV rays, wind damage, pollen, dirt, and sap, which can damage your paint and pose health risks. It also shields your car from animals such as cats, mice, and squirrels, which can leave scratches and ruin its finish. The cover also protects against birds who’ll wreak havoc on your car because there is nothing worse than waking up to find your car covered in bird droppings. Buying a car cover is one of the best investments you can make. A cover will also protect against theft and vandalism and keep your mirrors, windows, and hood ornaments safe.

Pay Attention to the Engine

Another way to ensure your vehicle retains its value is by paying close attention to your engine. If you ever notice new noises or strange smells, you should immediately talk to your mechanic or take your car into the shop to get it looked at. If you’ve been driving your car for a long time and your mechanic tells you it’s normal, you should always go with your gut instinct. A loud ticking sound or screechy noise can indicate a major problem with your engine. It could get worse over time. If your engine indicator light ever comes on, or if your gauges aren’t within their normal range, it could be a sign that your engine needs to be cleaned. Make sure to always pay close attention to the warning lights on your dashboard. These warning lights will alert you to your oil and brake lights, along with the temperature gauge.

Change Oil and Fluids Regularly

If you want your car to run smoothly, you should make sure you regularly change your oil and fluids. If you drive your car frequently, the fluids inside will degrade quickly. These fluids are vital in order to ensure a healthy engine and transmission. Over time, these fluids tend to lose important properties, including the ability to lubricate and remove heat, which is why it’s important to have them changed. Oftentimes, a person may forget or overlook an oil change, but to keep your vehicle in pristine condition, you should have the fluids changed every 10,000 miles.

Get Periodic Tune-ups

An important part of maintaining your vehicle is to schedule periodic tune-ups. You should enlist the help of a trusted mechanic who will listen to your concerns and provide an honest assessment. Inside your vehicles owner manual, it will explain how often to have it serviced, along with a list of service intervals, which is usually every 8,000 miles.

Drive Gently and Less Frequently

The condition of your vehicle depends on how you choose to drive it. At the end of the day, your vehicle isn’t a racecar and should be driven gently. If you want to keep your engine running smoothly, you should always remember to accelerate slowly. You also may want to consider driving your vehicle less frequently. You could use alternative means of transportation such as public transportation or carpooling.

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