50 Excuses To Kick In The Ass

EXCUSES followed by MY RESPONSE. An Excerpt from my book:

Be Ballsy! How Not To Suck At Love, Success, & Happiness

Buckle Up

1. I’m too tired….Get your ass up. You can sleep when you’re dead.

2. I’m too lazy….I know.

3. I’m broke….quit buying shit you don’t need and investing in things that don’t bring a return.

4. I’m fat….Quit sitting in front of the TV eating potato chips, ordering delivery, or running through the drive through for a quick fix.

5. I don’t care…Then let people walk over you and see if others care. You’ll quickly realize they don’t.

6. I’m not feeling well…. Start taking care of yourself.

7. I need to do market research…. BS you need to sell something and you’ll know whether or not there’s a market.

8. I need help….Then ask.

9. I’m just not motivated….No one can motivate you but yourself.

10. I just don’t have time….News flash! You make time for what you value.

11. I really hate exercising….So did everyone else but they got started.

12. I can’t afford it….Stop spending money on stupid shit you will never use.

13. I’m afraid to pick up the phone….The person on the other end can only give you two answers. Yes or No. What is it that you’re afraid of again?

14. It’s good enough….No it’s not. You didn’t give it anywhere near your best effort.

15. I’m exhausted….Being tired is a legitimate excuse but it shouldn’t stop you.

16. I don’t know how….There’s plenty of time and resources for you to learn.

17. I have kids and a family to take care of….All you do is create more struggle, hardship, & unhappiness when you don’t take action.

18. I’ll do it tomorrow….Tomorrow’s not good enough or tomorrow will never come.

19. I don’t feel like it….You have to man up if you want to make it.

20. It’s painful….All growth is.

21. I fear “whatever that one thing is.”….Then you should probably be doing that one thing.

22. All my friends are in relationships….It’s better to be single then to be in bad company.

23. There’s probably no one better out there….You want to stay in a miserable relationship because…?

24. Chivalry is dead….Or that’s the reason you lowered your standards to settle for mediocrity.

25. I don’t like confrontation….Grow some balls.

26. Now’s not a good time….Then when is?

27. Life isn’t fair….Never was and never will be.

28. The problem is….There’s only one problem and it’s you.

29. I wish….Stop wishing and start taking action.

30. I don’t have the energy….Find it. It’s an instantly renewable resource.

31. They are all so lucky….No you’re just complacent.

32. I could fail….Anyone who does something great takes the risk of failing big and failing publicly.

33. It’s too risky….Anything worth having is worth taking a risk.

34. I don’t know where to start….Take one small step and stop being overwhelmed.

35. I need to do research….Research what exactly? Being indecisive is a decision and a bad one at that.

36. It’s too much work….The most successful have monumental tasks and they never used that as a reason they couldn’t achieve their goals.

37. There is too much competition….To think competition is to think limitation.

38. It will take too long….Anything you want in life requires a waiting period.

39. The economy sucks….Actually you’re not taking enough action.

40. I’m too young or too old….Mark Zuckerbuer was barely 20. Colonel Sanders was 65. That excuse is invalid.

41. Money is bad….How do you know unless you have some? And, when you do I guarantee you won’t be saying that instead you’ll be looking for ways to make more.

42. My partner in life or business sucks….Try communication.

43. I’ll do is as soon as….Someday is not a day of the week.

44. I’m just not in the right location….There’s a thing called the internet it’s worldwide.

45. My family and friends said….Is your family and friends the one executing your ideas and fulfilling your dreams? I don’t think so.

46. I’m not that smart….Self-Knowledge is worth far more than a formal education. Start studying. The library is free.

47. I don’t know the way….Make or find a way.

48. I’m not successful….And you never will be if you don’t start doing something today!

49. My significant other doesn’t support me….Get a new circle of influence. Never be the smartest, brightest or most successful person in your group of friends or you can expect to grow.

50. There’s a monster under the bed….DUDE! Just like all of the other excuses it’s all in your head.

There is no one that can set the standard for you higher than you can set the standard for yourself.

lord-of-war (3)

Are you tired yet? I’m exhausted from just writing this list, and this doesn’t even begin to list the thousands and millions of excuses people have. There will always be another excuse. There will always be another reason why you can’t. And since more people know how to say “no” and use excuses then they know how to say “yes” and commit, there will always be the few at the top and the many using these BS excuses to get out of tapping into their full potential and living an extraordinary life.

My point is…highly successful people are all in, all the time. Period. No excuses. Only results.

The point is you know what’s right, you know what you need to do, and only you can make the decision to do those things if you truly want those results. So the next time someone tells you that you can’t, won’t, or shouldn’t, listen to your heart and know that whatever decision you make was the right decision for you at the time. Don’t go in 2014 letting anything, anyone, or any temporary setback keep you from living the life you desire, because you deserve to have the best!

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