6 Inspiring Entrepreneurs We Should All Learn From (Infographic)

Some ideas can change the world. They don’t come along every day. And even then, most of them never get off the ground. Many would-be dreams fade softly, like a whisper in the night.

But every so often an idea comes along that gains traction and makes a meaningful impact. These are the visions of driven and passionate entrepreneurs. They are the people who pursue their dream with such fervor that they shape the landscape of their industry and the world around them. Whether it is a dream to help out those in need or a plan to innovate the way we think, great entrepreneurs provide the groundwork for real and substantial change.

From the charitable contributions of TOMS footwear, to Google, one of the most valuable brands ever created; great visionaries are hard to ignore. An aspiring entrepreneur can learn from these influential thinkers and gain the skills necessary to inspire generations.

This is a fantastic infographic about 6 modern-day entrepreneurs, and the lessons we all should learn from their journeys. Courtesy of University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business.


Photo Credit: University of Maryland