6 Traits You Must Have To Be A Successful Business Leader

A while ago, I had an opportunity to attend a live event hosted by Darren Hardy, mentor to CEOs & high-performance entrepreneurs, a bestselling author and publisher of SUCCESS Magazine.

Today’s read will be perfect for you if you’re looking for some motivation and inspiration, planning out the rest of the year, are in a need of some challenge and are looking for a reassurance, even a validation (hey, we all need that).

Here, I am sharing with you some of the key points Mr. Hardy made about how to succeed in life and business – lessons learned and shared not only by him, but some of the worlds’ best, most incredible, highly achieving and super-successful people: leaders, risk-takes, entrepreneurs, motivators.

1. Think big

“Size of life will be determined by the size of problems I can solve.” So, think about the problems you are currently solving and what would the 10x solution be?

Then, to find out how to get there and how to do it, here’s Jack Welch’s take on it: he said that everybody is a mentor, and that we ought to learn from people who ‘are doing it”.

2. People

In order to succeed, you must surround yourself with the right people; who they are that compliment your strengths, offset your weaknesses, can challenge you and help you multiply your success?

As Charles Schwab: “Recognize your strengths and deficits and build your team around your deficits.”

3. Hard Work

While it’s crucial to achieve a balance in your life, you have to make sure your hard work is actually getting you somewhere. Are you relaxing too much? Where can you improve?

Will Smith said that a skill is only built on sickening work ethic. Meanwhile, Barbara Corcoran oftentimes used this mantra to keep herself going: “I have the right to be here, to be successful!” She said that once you get through that door, you’ll realize you’re smarter and better than you think.

4. Focus

Think about what is that one higher impact you can make, say no and focus.

While Michael Dell encourages you to “think about the point of impact. What can I do as a leader to increase my impact”, Dave Ramsey reminds us to “Stop doing 17 things at once because nothing gets done.”

It takes a desperate success to focus.” – Will Smith.

 5. Failure

This was one of my favorite parts because it is so broad and so powerful in the same time.

As Richard Branson puts it: “Don’t take failure too seriously. Come back, start again. Screw it, let’s do it, if we fail, we’ll try again.”

So, think about one risk you should be taking today.

6. Growth

The most important investment you should be making is the investment in your growth.

“Apply what you’ve learned and become obsessed with your leering,” says Tony Robbins while Warren Buffet ads to ‘Always invest in yourself to improve.”

What are some of the people you look up to? What keeps you motivated? Who keeps you on track, challenges you, helps you focus and hold you accountable?

Photo Credit: Tumblr.