8 Reasons Why You Should Attend UNLEASH This Year In Madrid

Capital of Europe: Well first things first! UNLEASH will take place in Madrid (Yes, Spain); one of the most dynamic capitals in the world where the best of sports, culture, and innovation merges to create the most dynamic hotspot in Europe. A place where you can visit historic European monuments in the morning, get a taste of enriching Spanish cuisine in the afternoon and end the day by gazing at the greatest football teams in the world dominate the field. (Hint: I’m a big Real Madrid fan!)

Powerful network: One of the most incredible things you will notice when joining such a vibrant environment as UNLEASH is its collection of brilliant minds and individuals that really aspire to unleash the dragon within, to innovate, and to bring groundbreaking ideas to life. You will see people from every corner of the globe share their take on the world and its opportunities and motivate the attendees to follow their lead.

Purposeful celebration: UNLEASH has recognized the importance of applauding and celebrating innovation and the people behind it, and has therefore introduced the Pangea Awards. The Pangea Awards are a set of incredible recognitions created to honor a significant achievement attained by young, passionate, and determined individuals within our own generation.

Inspiring & dynamic speakers: What’s a brilliant event without its amazing speakers? During the UNLEASH event you will experience and embrace the brilliance of some of the world’s youngest entrepreneurial minds. Speakers include Arabian Business Young Entrepreneur of the Year awardee Mohamed Amine Belarbi, Detroit’s youngest entrepreneur and super business girl Asia Newson, as well as Forbes 30under30 recipient Partha Unnava.

By the youth, for the youth: Unlike giant corporate funded events where 95% of the people are above and beyond their 30s, UNLEASH hosts a vibrant environment with 20-something motivated and inspiring Gen-Y’ers. Don’t worry about tucking in your shirt or formally addressing your surrounding peers, at UNLEASH, utter entertainment and comfort is the ultimate goal.

From Problems to Opportunities: Attending Unleash, your mindset will shift from seeing global challenges as problems to immense personal opportunities, your network will become larger and richer than ever before, and ultimately, you will leave with a passionate and determined decision-making attitude to reach your largest goals in life. All together, this is your optimal opportunity to awaken your inner potential.

Credible partners: UNLEASH is backed and supported by globally recognized institutions ┬ásuch as Telefonica, Accenture and even Twitter to further empower and strengthen Pangea’s ability to brand itself as a global leader in fostering communities of entrepreneurs.

Work Hard, Play Hard: Who said education had to be boring? UNLEASH provides one of the most fulfilling events of the year by bringing together brilliant minds from every culture, business sector, background, ethnicity and personality available to create the most dynamic weekend you’ll ever experience, all while allowing everyone to have a blast thanks to a multitude of shows, side events and entertainment segments that will bring out the best of what Madrid has to offer.

Interested in reading more about UNLEASH and what you can get out of it? Visit their website here and get ready to UNLEASH yourself on June 8th, 2016 Madrid.

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