Have $95 Million To Spare? Here Is The Best View You Could Buy In New York

Sometimes people just can’t understand why you would need so much money. They don’t comprehend how a billionaire would spend his bucks or what on earth you could buy to burn through your $500 million in a lifetime? 100 Lamborghinis? 35 yachts? A private Island?

How about an apartment that will set you back a tenth of billion? Yup, we’re talking about the oh-so-expensive New York City real estate, but this one is not like the other expensive homes you heard of before. It’s not about huge space, pools and 50 room mansions, it’s about something only a huge amount of money could buy: a majestic view!

Check out these previews of a $95 million apartment in NYC, a real piece of art only the Elite of the Elite can afford. This my friends is the modern day equivalent of Olympus perched at the top of New York city.

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Photo Credit: Unilad Mag