Abu Dhabi Fashion Days Spring/Summer 2015 Coming Up!

Abu Dhabi Fashion Days is a cross roads of talent, entrepreneurship and the support of new SMEs. It allows people to meet, and open a conversation not only in the fashion field, but even in establishing avenues for young emerging designers and showing them how to turn their talent into a fruitful and flourishing business. Abu Dhabi Fashion Days follows the international fashion seasons which are Summer/Spring and Autumn/ Winter. The show takes place twice a year, one every fashion season, this will allow buyers to stock their shops throughout the year, and allow the designers to have a year round activity and opportunity.

Abu Dhabi Fashion Days S/S 2015

Date: 3-6/6/2015

Venue: ADNEC – Conference Hall A

Time: 4pm – 11pm – daily / 4pm-9pm Saturday

Ticket price: 20Dhs 12 years old and above

Total number of Booths & Stands: 46

Abu Dhabi Fashion Days – Breakdown:

  1. Competitions: Best Emerging Designer & Best Illustrator. These two competitions will support the young designer to be recognized and commissioned which will help them eventually to start their own business.
  1. The Designer Alley: A space that fits 14 designers who are starting up their business career and who are established but want to test the market in Abu Dhabi. This will enhance the designer’s business and will expand their buyers list and increase the number of fans and followers.
  1. Dress The Mannequin: An art/Fashion exhibition to raise awareness of the creative Emirati and non Emirati residents of the UAE talents to highlight and encourage entities to approach these talents for their creative projects. Each creative will be given a miniature mannequin to recreate it in their own technique, and then displayed in an exhibition where people could buy them by participating in its silent bidding auction and all proceeds towards charity.
  1. ADFD Website: Works as a connecting bridge between fashion buyers and the designers participating in Abu Dhabi Fashion Days, as every designer will be listed on the website with their contact information and a link to their website.
  1. ADFD Social Network: Abu Dhabi Fashion Days, Twitter, Facebook, Blogspot and instagram promote each participating designer by displaying images of their designs and linking each image to the designer’s social network accounts.
  1. ADFD Online Catalogs: The catalogs are available on ADFD website and they include all the participating designers with images of their collection and contact information, and these catalogs are easy to share through email and social network and easy for all the designers to ember on their own websites.
  1. ADFD Weekly Newsletter: Each week Abu Dhabi Fashion Days sends out an update of all the happenings of the show including information and updates on the latest news of the participating designers.

For more info:

Email: info@abudhabifashiondays.com

Tel: +971503759598


P.O.Box: 42902, Abu


Photo Credit: We Heart It