That Aha Moment: How People Realize What To Do In Life

IKEA, one of the most successful multibillion dollar entities in the world – I wonder how that came along? He didn’t attend an IVY-League, he didn’t come from money and he sure as hell wasn’t surrounded by innovational entrepreneurs (considering he was born in Älmhult  – South of Sweden). The ancient story tells us about a man who couldn’t fit a table into his car – so he decided to solve the problem. He took off the legs and said, “Aha!” Next thing you know, he founded Ikea. Quite honestly, that is mind-blowing! I mean who knew that taking the legs off a table(!) would inspire the worlds’ largest and most successful furniture company! On a side note though, he only took off four pieces – and that doesn’t really justify why he drowns us with hundreds of unnecessary hazardous pieces that take hours to set up.

Today, Ingvar Kamprad, the Founder of IKEA, lives in a bungalow, flies with EasyJet, drives Volvo – and has a net worth of about $4.2 Billion. But there’s way more where that came from. Check out Funders and Founders amazing infographic that really gives you an insight on how some of the worlds’ most successful individuals stumbled upon their destined path.

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Picture Credit: Funders and Founders

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