How Airbnb Turned $80 To A 10 Billion Dollar Valuation

Airbnb went through an amazing transformation, going from helping us rent out mattresses to having an astonishing 10 billion dollar valuation – how they did it?

The timeline presented bellow is a chart created by Funders and Founders, Anna Vital, presenting the epic story of how a couple of guys turned their “financial difficulties” into a multibillion dollar company, basically renting out living space to everyone from college students to wealthy individuals. An idea that thrusted this rising entity into the empire it is today – but it was one hell of a journey.

Anna Vitals data is all gathered from three different articles written by the Atlantic, Telegraph and Wall Street Journal, showcasing how a bunch of people finally accepted to live in, as crazy as it may sound, others peoples’ homes.
Today this “idea” is serving thousands of people around the world, occupying different offices in the UK, Russia, France, India and even Brazil.

Check out the mind-blowing timeline that allows you to follow in the footsteps of Airbnb.


Picture Credit: Funders and Founders