Why Angel Investing Should Be A Human Right

Here is the big picture: there are thousands of bright people with amazing ideas and innovative businesses, but they lack cash. On the other hand there are trillions of dollars sitting into accounts doing nothing besides racking in interest. Don’t you see a problem with that?

The world is in the mess it is today because greedy a*holes would rather keep their money for themselves and make sure no one has access to it while it could be put to so many great uses! We’ve been told again and again that money should never be an end in itself, that it should be a mean for us to accomplish great things, yet the owners of those piles of cash rotting in banks or inside mattresses seem to have skipped that class. The point is not even about being generous or selfless: When you look at angel investors and VCs, they are all making great returns on their investments, they’re all rich and they don’t seem to be bleeding cash, so we’re not talking about moving your money out into the open and staying homeless as a result: we’re talking about growing fortunes and capital in a meaningful and useful way.

It just pisses me off when I think about the possibility that there are hundreds of Steve Jobs out there and thousands of Bill Gates who didn’t rise to fame because they didn’t have the money. Can you believe it? Innovation and revolutionary business ideas are buried just because there wasn’t cash around to make them come to life!

Angel investors thankfully have been working to change that mindset, making clear to everyone that the best way to make money and be of value is to invest in promising ventures, and that letting your money sit around is simply a waste of opportunities. How much return do you make when leaving your million dollar in the bank? a 5% interest? 10? Now how does 1000% or 10.000% sound? Exactly, and that’s what venture capital allows you to reach. You can put your money in so many useful schemes, you could invest in the next Apple or the next Facebook? You could make a 100x on your early investment in the next Whatsapp or Twitter. The possibilities are endless.

But if you decide to go for the old fashioned “keep your money in the bank” way of life, then you have missed the point of having wealth. Being rich is not about having cars and houses and Benjamins in the bank, it’s about the impact you create with it. It’s about how many people you help or uplift? It’s about how much economic and social value you created with your fortune.

You could be part of something amazing, you could make an entrepreneur’s dream come true, you could be the next billionaire who turned a 10 Grands investment into a 1.3 Billion dollar. These are things you would never achieve with savings and interest only.

There are millions of dreamers out there, all with creative ideas and groundbreaking businesses. They can’t do jack shit because they don’t have a 1000 bucks. That’s nickels and dime for you maybe, but it’s a lifetime investment for them. Do something about it and make sure that those who deserve capital get it.

Photo Credit: We Heart It