Apple Pay: A Revolutionary Way To Make Your Everyday Payments

One more thing… it seems like Apple this time went all in and brought Christmas around early for everyone.We got hyped over the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the kickass Apple Watch, but how about Apple Pay?

Yup, you got it right, Apple knows how to do things so well it decided to rid us from a problem we’ve been having for the past few decades: Payments! Now we’ve seen the world change for years, new techy stuff coming in, new ways of going about life, but one thing remained the same: credit cards. We’ve been carrying those plastic cards all over, we lose them often and when things go bad, you get a notification that someone is buying tequila with your card in Mozambique.

Tim summarized the issue at hand very well:

“This whole process is based on this little piece of plastic, whether it’s a credit or debit card. We’re totally reliant on the exposed numbers, and the outdated and vulnerable magnetic interface — which by the way is five decades old — and the security codes which all of us know aren’t so secure.”

Does Apple know how to fix this problem? Bet they do! Now you can leave all your cards in your house, because all you’ll need to make that payment at the store is your phone. Right, you can store all your credit cards in your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and once you have pay, you just tap your phone to the reader while placing your finger on the home button for authentication – and you’re done!

Better yet, if you are surfing online and spot an awesome deal on Groupon, no need to enter your credit card details and fill in forms, all you have to do is press the Apple pay button on the site and you’re done. Everything is automated and made easier for you. And the good news is, their authentication and storing process is so secure you can sleep well every night without thinking twice about where you left your cards. And even if you lose your phone, you can just disable Apple Pay from your computer, no need to delete or freeze your account.

It’s sick how Apple always manages to solve the most complex problems in the most simple and minimalist ways. Seems like Steve Jobs soul is still living in much of Apple’s new innovative products and services!

Photo Credit: Mashable