Applesauce? Amazon Just Revealed Their Long-Awaited Fire Phone

I’m just as surprised as you are, I mean, since when did Amazon become a competitor in the multi-billion dollar smartphone business? Nevertheless, Amazons’ new smartphone, the Fire Phone, will definitely lead to a couple of “complications” for industry giants like Apple and Samsung.

You see, what makes this “ordinary” smartphone stick out amongst the crowd is Amazons’ unique new feature called Firefly. The Firefly actually allows you to personally scan items you see, which then encourages you to buy them on Amazon – it’s like you have your own show-rooming tool on your smartphone.

Robert Sorokanich, a reporter from the Gizmodo, writes that the feature “turns the Fire Phone into a sort of universal object scanner that’ll recognize books, DVDs, or jars of Nutella, and help you buy them — from Amazon,” This is one hell of a move from Amazon, selling an attractive smartphone with the “special” ability to increase their online sales – brilliant – but will it work?

Amazon has, as of now, already taken a chunk of the market share from the current retailers by offering much lower prices. Even though this phone has great business-potential, it has been facing some difficulties. One of the biggest obstacles it has been facing is encouraging their Fire Phone customers to buy products from Amazons’ webpage, instead of buying them in regular stores. But it’s still early to determine wether or not Amazons’ smartphone will sky-rocket or tumble down.

With Amazons’ smart business feature, Firefly, Amazon is successfully removing the “middleman”, making shopping so much easier. Apart from the Firefly, Amazon has other awesome features. For instance, it can recognize art, a painting and within seconds transfers you to its Wikipedia page for more information.

Check out IGNs’ preview of The Fire Phone in order to get an insight of its mind-blowing feature.

Picture and Video credit: CNN and IGN