Arab Money: Buy A Dh150 million Airbus A340 Jet On Dubizzle

Have you ever wanted to buy your own Airbus A340 but didn’t want to go through the hassle of ordering it online and waiting years for it to be delivered? Well, it’s your lucky day because a listing on Dubizzle features an A340 for sale! The price? A cool 150 Million Dirhams, or around $41 Million, which is small change for some big names in the Arab world.

It is being sold by an intermediary, Al Jabbari International DOO, a trade and investment consulting company based in Serbia. – The National

The second hand jet is sold at a discount from the price of a new A340, so you’re on track to save 50 million Euros if you decide to buy this baby!

“For sure, it would be one of the sheikhs or top businessmen in the Middle East who would buy it and use it as a private jet.” – Mohamed Al Jabbari


Photo Credit: The National