Astonishing: This Is How A Blind And Deaf Supporter Experiences The World Cup

Football has throughout the years proved to be so much more than just a sport. It’s such a humble and heart-warming happening which, for years and years now, has been uniting people from all corners of the world, with a diverse range of ethnicities, (hairstyles) backgrounds and personalities, making it to one of the greatest and most entertaining sports on this planet.

The worlds’ largest sporting event, the FIFA World Cup (it’s like the Super Bowl – only on steroids) in Brazil surely sparked that special something during the opening game as Hélio Surdos, a Brazilian supporter, went all in, in the hopes of giving his blind and deaf friend Carlos an experience he would never forget – but how? Hélio Surdos recently uploaded a magical Youtube video where his passionate friend Carlos is seen experiencing the World Cup in a very unique and special way. Check it our for yourself, though you might want to have a couple of tissues beside you – just in case.

Photo Credit: Getty Images
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