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Aisha Alhajeri

Aisha Alhajeri is a 19-year old student at New York University Abu Dhabi studying Political Science and Visual Arts. As a museum enthusiast, travel fanatic, and Emirati interested in the empowerment of female nationals in the UAE, Aisha hopes to incorporate as much of her personal and career-oriented interests into her writing.

Noor Shamma: The Emirati Artrepreneur Mailing Happiness Around The World

By honing her diverse passions and career goals, Noor Shamma’s combination of business, art, and philanthropy has made her what she likes to call an “artrepreneur.” After graduating from The American University of Sharjah with a BSc in Design Management,…

YOLO: 5 Rules You Should Be Committed To Break

You’ve probably heard these five phrases over and over again- usually by people giving you unsolicited advice hoping you’ll be inspired to do something great. Well, these clichés have been either extremely worn out or badly misinterpreted, which is why…

5 Tips For Beating Your Quarter-Life Crisis

If you’re in your twenties, you have probably started feeling the symptoms of a quarter-life crisis. Sure, many middle-aged people will look back at their time spent as twenty-somethings and probably regret being so melodramatic. I don’t yet have the…