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Mohamed Amine Belarbi

Student at New York University Abu Dhabi, 21 year old serial entrepreneur, public speaker, blogger and true cosmopolitan, Mohamed Amine Belarbi left Morocco at 17 to roam the world and live an educational adventure in Norway, the US and the UAE. His shifting interests from Politics to Business flourished into more than 5 startups he manages along with his studies and consulting for various companies and NGOs.


The Golden Age Of Aviation: Emirates Strikes Back At US Airlines With Brilliant Ad (Video)

Dubai based carrier Emirates Airlines, the global aviation superpower accused of receiving government subsidies by US based carriers, has struck back with a brilliant ad lashing out against the current state of aviation. Titled Golden Age, the ad goes back in…

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This Guy Is The Perfect Teacher Of The Year And Dad Of The Year (Video)

This is something we all know: It’s not that we don’t like calculus the day we’re born, or that we suck at physics and chemistry naturally, but it’s the type of teacher we have that determines our inclination to enjoy…


The All New BMW 7 Series: Driving Luxury (Video)

Slick, luxurious, elite, and fills you with confidence. It’s the all new BMW 7 Series! The new masterpiece goes head on against Audi’s and Mercedes’ new luxury cars, making it quite a hard choice for many to decide which baby…


Jeff Thompson: A Movie/Game Production Entrepreneur Set On Building An Empire

Shooting a movie out of St. Louis about a local legend using an iPhone. Now that might sound like a high school project for some, but when you add in to the mix a passionate young man who dreams, breathes,…

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Photographer Turns His Lens To Give An Inside Look Into The Syrian And Iraqi Conflicts

How much do you know about what’s going on the ground in Iraq and Syria? Who is fighting who? Can you put a face on the conflict? Why does a Kurdish female militia group take up arms and fight? Why do…


Why Rejection Is Just An Invitation To Try Harder

Every entrepreneur at one point in his or her life will encounter rejection, from the simple “your idea is shit and won’t pick up” to the hard hitting truths from investors who tell you that your money ask is just…


In Defence Of Sepp Blatter: You May Not Be Perfect, But Neither Are We

You know what’s more ignoble than being corrupt or having flaws and drawbacks, it’s being shamed for one’s faults and disregarded for one’s accomplishments. It is with a global euphoria that the world received the resignation of sepp blatter, and…


Revealed: Best Spot To Conduct Business Meetings and Close Deals In Dubai

Dubai is by far the Mekkah of Business and deals. Whether you’re a diamond trader, a tech evangelist, a real estate tycoon, an arts curator or an oil magnate, you’ve probably been to Dubai at one point in your life….


FIFA Scandal: 5 Big Ways FIFA Screwed Up

It’s not like we needed another reason to realise how messed up FIFA is, but what’s striking is that even in the midst of corruption allegations, arrests, worldwide condemnation and money laundering, FIFA -or should we say Sepp Blatter- is…


Lean In: The 10 Best Advices for Recent Graduates (Pictures)

Since Lean In was published, it has sparked a global conversation about gender equality. Now Sheryl has enlisted the help of experts for Lean In for Graduates, a handbook that offers instruction and inspiration for the next generation. Lean In for Graduates includes the full…


Peter Thiel: Luck Is Just an Excuse For Not Working Hard Enough (Video)

Peter Thiel is no stranger to success. His rise from zero to $2.2 Billion hero is an inspiration to every hustler and entrepreneur out there. From co-founding Paypal and acting as its CEO to founding Palantir of which he is…

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Why Blackberry Devices Are The One Thing Every Elite Traveler and Executive Should Have

Whether you’re a CEO crunching 500 emails a day, or an avid traveler interested in flying in style and having a device that fits every occasion and every setting, then Blackberry is your prime choice. Blackberry has been going through…


Reasons Why People Become Unhappy (Infographic)

There are more people today who are unhappy about their lives, their work, their partners or their classes than ever before. Scrolling through our newsfeed or checking the latest snaps, it’s easy to be fooled into thinking that everyone else…


Tim Cook’s Commencement Speech at George Washington University Is A Must Watch (Video)

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook delivered the commencement speech at George Washington University this Sunday, and boy did he nail it! From sharing jokes about Android to revealing wise lessons he learned along the way, Tim Cook proved once again how much of an…


New Low For Fox News: Women Earn Less Because They Are Less Ambitious (Video)

It’s not like we needed a new excuse to think that Fox News is the pinnacle of biased and below-par news, but among the intermittent racist inclines and misogynistic comments, sometimes you just can’t help but stare in awe at…


Science Agrees: You’re Born A Winner, You’re Born Unique, It’s All About Maintaining It

Yup, you heard that right, you’re a winner even before you’re born. Quite a wonderful thought to wake up to and live by. But hey, we’re not here to just make up some bulls**t that will make you feel good,…


Taking Flying To A Whole New Level In Dubai With 4K Jetman Video Stunt

SkyDive Dubai never ceases to impress us: from being one of the most successful airborn-activities entertainment companies in the region to bringing the latest technology to its customers, these guys mean business and fun. They didn’t only stick to offering Sky…


Finally Have Your Own Paparazzi Drone With The New Lily Camera

We all dream of becoming the centre of attention, the talk of the hour, the guy or girl everyone wants to take a selfie with… The pinnacle of success is having paparazzi running after you to take a picture, a glimpse…


The New Record Breaking Kingdom Tower Will Be 173 M Taller Than Burj Khalifa (Pictures)

The tallest tower, Burj Khalifa in Dubai, is about to get smashed by a new bad boy in the neighbourhood: The Kingdom tower. The new tower, built in Jeddah Saudi Arabi. The record breaking structure will tower from the height…


These 22 Crazy Quotes About Elon Musk Will Make You Understand Why He Is Insanely Succesful

Ashlee Vance’s new book, “Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX and the Quest for a Fantastic Future,” is sure to make a hit and sell out in a matter of minutes! Why? We’re talking about a chronicling of the life of one…