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Gervanna Stephens

Gervanna Stephens is a writer, educator, spoken word poet and a lover of all things inspirational. She’s passionate about creativity and helping people see beyond their own two feet to the bigger canvas that is – Life. You can visit her Poet’s Corner at https://soundcloud.com/zjgravity. She lives in Manchester, Jamaica and doesn’t mind the occasional visit or call just to say “Hi”.

Make It Organic Amongst The Rubble Of Common Thought

Firstly , NO! Everything has not been done, thought of or invented already. Ball that notion up and toss it over your shoulder like yesterday’s news. We are only misguided to accept such atrocities as truth because inspiration and creativity…

Three Life Lessons We Can Learn From Disney’s “Frozen”

In 2013, Disney released an animated movie called Frozen. It hit and held audiences worldwide. Everyone was talking about Elsa and Anna and especially the sweetest Snowman ever, Olaf. Now, I’m not an over the top fan of animation or…

Don’t Just Think Outside The Box; Act Outside The Box

We live in a fast paced, get it now kind of society. The world is changing right beneath our finger tips. We can “like” a post made by someone we’ve never met. “Tweet” a picture to the entire world and…