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Ibrahim Naji

Ibrahim Naji is a United World College graduate, born and raised in the great kingdom of Sweden. A 21-year-old driven serial-entrepreneur who truly has the best of both worlds; embracing the cosmopolitan traits of Scandinavian while adding the necessary Middle Eastern spices, giving him the ultimate definition of a badass.


The Emotional War of Entrepreneurship

The turnaround speed in your adjustment to an issue is usually an unbelievable proxy to your success as an entrepreneur. So regardless of what it is you are trying to pursue or accomplish, whether it’s selling baseball cards or creating…


Why Failure and Success Coexist In Harmony

Heartbreak absolutely sucks. Now that might not be the most optimistic opening, but tell me it isn’t true. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’ve gone through and dealt with it for years now, draining all my emotions and usually driving me…


All In? 5 Reasons Why Poker Players Make The Best Entrepreneurs

I’m guessing you have never been asked to play a game of Texas Hold’em in a job interview before. Fortunately if you had, a lot of your foundational skills and characteristics would present themselves: a couple of hands of poker transpires…


PANGEA: Democratising the Meaning of Talent

As we have gradually shifted from an industrial and corporate society that applauded the common man’s narrow perception of employment, to the entrepreneurial era that praises and celebrates innovation that disrupts traditional industries, a revelation took place. Things changed. Cultures…


Push Through: Why In Order To Persevere, You Need Deeply Held Beliefs

The definition of perseverance goes a little something like this: Continuing in a course of action without regard to discouragement, opposition or previous failure. It’s the ability to wake every morning with the same hunger you had as the day…


How Elon Musk Made Himself The Tech Tycoon He Is Today

Choosing yourself means taking risk, means not being afraid what people think, or your chances of success or failure. It means doing what you want and hopefully helping the world along the way. Because when you help others, that’s how…


4 Ways Starting A Business Taught Me More Than 4 Years Of College

I won’t lie, college is a lot of BS. I mean, I’m glad I went for the networking opportunities and to learn about life, but when it came to learning about business, college didn’t really teach me much at all. I have…


How Floyd Mayweather and Justin Bieber Bonded Over An App

Floyd Mayweather Jr., the world’s best boxer, pound-for-pound, finally announced his fight against Manny Pacquiao last week — something fans have been waiting on for years. But he dropped the news in a place most boxing observers may not have…


Stay Relevant: 5 Tech Skills You Need To Survive In 2015

I am not big on setting resolutions, especially not for the “new year” as it always seems to backfire. So see this as, not a resolution, but more of a humble guideline that redefines your relevancy in 2015. I believe…


Jay-Z Just Bought Spotify’s Biggest Rival For A Cold $56 Million

Yup, Jay-Z just acquired one of Spotify’s most feared streaming rivals WiMP for a good $56 million, according to the Financial Times reports. Currently the streaming rival is greatly popular in the Scandinavian region, boasting millions of users and offering a very…


New Saudi King Salman Inherits The Throne After King Abdullah’s Death

After suffering from frequent states of ill health in recent years, Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz has died at the age of 90, royal officials have announced. King Abdullah, who had ruled the kingdom since 2005, had been suffering from severe lung…


Google Translate Just Got A Whole Lot Better With It’s New Update

Overall, Google Translate has been a major lifesaver for a lot of us. It’s been there for us when wanting to look up dirty words in Spanish and it’s definitely been there for us (well, at least for me) when…


God Save The Queen: London Startups Raised Twice As Much Green In 2014 As They Did in 2013 (Video)

It’s no secret that startups this year have had a good run for their money; sky-high valuations are setting records, endless technological resources are coming in handy and innovative ideas are flooding the startup world, following the revolutionizing shifts  we are…

ABC's "Shark Tank" - Season Five

Mark Cuban On Why You Should Spend Your Money On Black Friday

Black Friday is almost literally just around the corner, the most important shopping day of the year for a lot of us. Some stock up for Christmas, some for Easter and some just stock up because well, 50 percent off a…


Hate My Career: 10 Signs You Should Quit Your Job Immediately

I was once told that, no matter what job you decide to stick to, eventually, it’ll become life-draining. That’s the life-advice I got during my early twenties. Did I take it to heart? Yes, yes I did. I believed it; it seemed…


Behind The Scenes: How Ugg Babystepped Itself Into A Mulitmillion-Dollar Company

As winter’s white shades gradually take over autumn, Uggs start mass-populating the streets of almost every country in the world. Selling in every mall in the US, comforting millions of feet, Uggs are definitely bringing in the big bucks, comforting millions of feet….


From Flipping Burgers To Running A Million Dollar Business

The world of e-sports might not require the players to get out of their seats a whole lot, but that sure doesn’t mean that the players don’t break a sweat.Or make a whole bunch of money either. Matt Haag, or…


Clocking Out? 5 Reasons To Stick To The Job You Hate

1. Social Skills I’ll be honest; talking to complete strangers is one of the most uncomfortable tasks, I hate it. With that being said, if you’re working in a coffee shop or a retail store, interpersonal skills is a must….


Why Would You Be Studying It If You Could Be Doing It? The Greatest Entrepreneurs Who Dropped Out Of College

According to The Facebook Effect, just a couple of months before the big blast where Zuckerberg “took five minutes to decide” that he was going to dropout of one of the world’s most prestigious IVY-leauges, he was already half way through. There’s…


Nothing Sells Like “Free”: Microsofts Office Apps Shoots Through The Roof Following Price Adjustments

Nothing, I repeat, nothing, sells better than a 100% discount, and Microsoft sure has wrapped their head around that. As of last week, the Microsoft Word app has skyrocketed to position itself as the number one free app on the iPhone…