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Ibrahim Naji

Ibrahim Naji is a United World College graduate, born and raised in the great kingdom of Sweden. A 21-year-old driven serial-entrepreneur who truly has the best of both worlds; embracing the cosmopolitan traits of Scandinavian while adding the necessary Middle Eastern spices, giving him the ultimate definition of a badass.


YOLO? 6 Habits That Will Either Make Or Break You In Your 20s

Let’s face it, more than often we usually stick close to our habits. Whether good or bad habits, we tend to keep them close to the heart because the failure to address them has become so crazily incorporated in our ways…


Same Sh*t Different Day: Here’s Why Mark Zuckerberg Wears The Same Exact T-Shirt Every Day

This Thursday Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, had his first-ever public Q&A. A bunch of different questions came flying in which he was more than happy to answer, questions about Facebook’s projections, future, staff and even Zuckerberg’s own wardrobe, which surprisingly enought…


F*ck It: 13 Reasons Why We’re All Over Winter And It Hasn’t Even Started Yet

Winter, don’t want to sound like a hater, but I hate it. I’m over it. It sucks. It reminds me a little of the arrival of the family relatives you hate. You accept that they are coming, hell, you even…


The Twists And Turns Of Bill Gates Fascinating Career (Infographic)

Let’s face it, the world would have been a completely different place if Bill Gates had actually decided to follow in his fathers footsteps and become a lawyer. Luckily, for all of us, he decided to take on a different…


Early Birds: This Is How To Function On Only 4 Hours Of Sleep

How do CEOs who sleep for only 4-5 hours daily manage to function and run multi-million dollar companies?” was a question that appeared on Quora recently. Fortunately the question was answered to perfection by Alexandra Damsker, a CEO of a successful startup….


Sweden Now Becomes The First E.U. Member To Recognize A Palestinian State

The Swedish government has officially become the first E.U. member to recognize a Palestinian state, as the newly elected PM, Stefan Lofven, announced this bold move at his swearing-in ceremony on October 3. Though this was, to say the least, a…


LinkedIn Reveals: The World’s 100 Most Desirable Employers

It’s no secret that pretty much everyone wants to work within the tech industry these days – not to mention big-name companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple or even Facebook. As a matter of fact, these tech giants topped LinkedIn’s 2014 ranking of…


Picture Perfect: 8 Reasons Why This Is Exactly How Your Résumé Should Look Like

I’ve seen countless résumés in my life; some really good, well structured and impressive ones, and some less impressive to say the least. I’ve seen “one page” résumés with strategical word-count and I’ve seen four page “essays” with way too many words,…


Rookie Mistakes: 3 Typical Lessons Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Learns The Hard Way

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they start to question their little box – their 9-t0-5 cubicle way of life. Everyone goes through that philosophical period of time, thinking, wondering how life would be like outside of the…


18-Year-Old Norwegian Wonder Boy Launched Oil Company And Shares The Best Advice For Every Aspiring Entrepreneur (Video)

There are countless hurdles and barriers that come up when founding a startup  – everything from lack of capital to a non-working team. But youth and inexperience usually ranks pretty high on any entrepreneurs shit-list. With that being said, who…


National Boss Day: 10 Signs Your Boss Is The Ultimate As*hole

It’s National Boss Day people! A beloved celebration in the US which takes place on October 16 every year. A day which allows employees to show affection and appreciation for their manager’s humble leadership. Though on the other hand, if…


On A Whole New Level: Facebook And Apple Are Paying Female Employees To Freeze Their Eggs

It sounds crazy, but it’s true! Tech giants Facebook and Apple are now willing to pay their female employees almost $20,000 to cover the cost of freezing their eggs – talk about a whole new level of dedication. The whole goal…


New Era: Skype Launches Skype Qik, A New Video Messaging App For The Mobile-First Era

Skype has truly revolutionized the way we communicate ever since it was brought to life 11 years ago. Today, Skype is developing a Qiker version of their technology, a new video messaging app called, Skype Qik. What Skype has done…


Lifesaver: The Equil Smartpen That Puts All Your Physical Notes And Doodles Online

A lot of people nowadays scribble down their notes and “philosophical” thoughts on a touchpad or laptop, considering it’s, well, it’s the way we do things. Nevertheless, many still prefer doodling down their quotes or blueprints with an actual physical…


Success Begins With Impossible Dreams: 4 Quotes From Mark Zuckerberg That Proves That There’s No Other Way To Grind Than To Grind

One of the greatest and most successful entrepreneurs of our generation, a Millennial that by the age of 23 was already a billionaire, has evolved to become one of the richest individuals in the world and a genius that has…


5 Reasons Why You Need To Calm Your Ass Down About Ebola

The past Week, the Center for Disease Control confirmed the first outbreak of Ebola within the US. And as expected, a bunch of people freaked out about the situation, fearing something they don’t understand – it being a foreign disease that has…


Pack Your Bags: Germany Has Officially Gotten Rid Of College Tuition

It’s officially a fact! College in the great country of Germany is free, now making every single state in the European nation having effectively abolished tuition fees. Now this is one hell of a change, as Germany only started charging…


The Corporate Culture Needs To Die: The Many (Many!) Things You Should Say No To At The Office

The CEO of NewBrand Analytics, Kristin Muhlner, helps different entities monitor their social media “gossip” – brilliant! On top of that, she has also mastered the skill of saying no, an art a lot of us can’t handle due to the…

Key Speakers At The 2013 Bretton Woods Committee International Council Meeting

Economic Meltdown: Here Is What’s Keeping The World’s CEOs Awake At Night

It’s true, CEOs have sleepless nights too. In fact the world’s executives are now worried about what’s on the front-page news, and considering the messed up condition mother Earth is at the moment, I understand why. Everything from the heat…


Scholar Of Religion Slams Ignorant CNN Reporters About “Islam Promoting Violence”

 You know, but this is the problem, is that these kinds of conversations that we’re having aren’t really being had in any kind of legitimate way. We’re not talking about women in the Muslim world. We’re using two or three…