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Ibrahim Naji

Ibrahim Naji is a United World College graduate, born and raised in the great kingdom of Sweden. A 21-year-old driven serial-entrepreneur who truly has the best of both worlds; embracing the cosmopolitan traits of Scandinavian while adding the necessary Middle Eastern spices, giving him the ultimate definition of a badass.


Climbing The Social Ladder

Now before you start speculating about how much of a hipster you are, disregarding the so called “social ladder” and how little you actually care about what society thinks of you, lets get one thing straight. We´re talking about a…


A New Millennium: Kickass Women Of The 21st Century

As I was growing up, I spent quite a chunk of my life amongst my aunts; beautiful, successful and empowered women who are all masters in their field, making them financially independent and sincerely confident about every aspect of their…


#How Social Media Can Get You From Hired to Fired

The world has been spending a crazy amount of time analyzing and understanding media, its importance in society,  influence on our linguistic development and the role it plays in how we perceive things and more importantly – how we are…


How and Why Long-distance Relationships Prevent You From Success

So you fell in love with your high school sweetheart, and now you’re about to live thousands of miles away from each other – what to do?  Well at that point, you were probably too blinded by your love, that…


Dubai – Capital of the Middle East

As leisure time has increased dramatically since 1965, exotic new destinations have become the ultimate way to spend a holiday. Paris, Rome, London, Dubai. Dubai? Let’s be honest for a second, the media has been giving all the Middle Eastern cities…


Perception is everything: The 5 things you need to keep in mind when making a first good impression.

We have all been in that nerve-racking situation. You’re about to meet a new stunning girl that might just be the one, going for a job interview that you have been dying to get or meet a new business partner….


Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance; The 5 Ps that lead to success in Life and Business

That was the only thing I ever heard from my uncle, now you can imagine, as a kid, that was a pain in the ass. Hearing how you had to prepare and constantly keep a disciplined schedule to simply prevent…


Saana Azzam: Female Economist of the year

Saana Azzam -“If your will of winning is greater than your fear of losing, you will go far.” Gulf Elite took the time to meet up with Sweden’s Female Economist of the Year 2010, Saana Azzam. A serial entrepreneur with…


The Gulfs’ Eight wonders

True story, I tried convincing my crazy ex-girlfriend to get her ass down to Dubai with me. She asked me why? What could there possibly be in Dubai that does not exist in Europe? I was speechless; I wasn’t about…


Douchebags of the 21st century – Time for a change

Remember Romeo? Whatever happened to that guy? You know, the handsome, intelligent and sensitive man that fought for his Juliet back in the 15th century. The idealistic and passionate character that only had one woman in his life. The man…


The Danger of your Comfort Zone

Do you want to lead the way or be dragged?  So the third season of Suits just got released and on top of that, the Champions league is waiting right around the corner – you’re comfortable. Laying there on your…