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Irving Torres

Irving Torres is an entrepreneur who loves sports, good dance music, fast cars, and watching TED talks. He is founder of Young And CEO, an entrepreneurship organization that powers up entrepreneurs with free info & tools because he believes in a better world through innovation. Check them out at www.youngandceo.com

Why You Should Be More Like Rocky

Stallone went from having only $106 in the bank to having a Net worth of $275 million.  There is an amazing rags-to-riches story that has fascinated and motivated me to this very day but that not many people know about….

The Shark Tank Method: Treat Entrepreneurship Like A Shark

I have a branding company. It is a business just like any other. People pay for our services and in return they get exceptional coaching, expertise, branding, networking connections, and websites. Earlier today, a potential client reached out to me…