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Kamil Kamour

Kamel Kamour, 18, is a young global aspiring leader from Libya and Morocco. The Arab Spring of 2011, along with the subsequent chaotic circumstances in his country have instilled within Kamel a passion for international affairs and a deep-rooted desire for positive change. As a current senior at the African Leadership Academy (ALA), Kamel strives to develop ethical leadership capabilities. Fluent in four languages and often deemed as an outspoken advocate for social justice, he is a member of the Student Government, as well as the Student Ambassador program of his high school. True to his passion for world affairs and geopolitics, he leads the MUN team and chairs the Peace and Security Council of the Model African Union, which further supported him in becoming a Yale Young Global Scholar. Two times winner of ALA’s academic Excellence Award, Kamel believes in education as the sunlit path to transformative impact. He eventually aspires to share this privilege of education with deprived youths and war victims of Libya. Indeed, throughout the Global Citizen Youth Summit held at Harvard University, Kamel founded an educational association that aims to improve accessibility and quality of education in Libya. Looking forward, Kamel aspires to double major from college in Business and International Relations, with the ultimate ambition of generating positive change in his country.

Dear Mr. Khalifa Haftar: An Open Letter from a Libyan Citizen

Dear Mr. Haftar, Please allow me to share a personal story that exemplifies the absurdities you have allowed to occur. Not many weeks ago, while seated in the kitchen of my grandmother’s peaceful house in Tripoli (or rather, the city…