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Mahwash Rehman

Being a business graduate, I always thought that I was a left brained person till the time I stumbled upon a medium which brought out the hidden inner artist in me – photography. Having undergone the one-year rigorous program at the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture in Karachi Pakistan, my understanding and appreciation of the medium only deepened. I was awed by the fact that photography was such a powerful medium of expression. I now consider photography as a natural extension of my being and use it as a canvas to express my thoughts and connect with my audience. Through my subjects and photographic style, I speak my mind and believe that each of my images reflects a part of my soul and more importantly helps me define who I am.

A Philosophy to Live By: Embrace Your Fears

As I was putting a closure to a project that I held on to and believed in for the past 6 years and by the grace of God had a successful mega book launch for ‘Women In Green And Beyond’…

When Poems Become A Fuel For Motivation: Voice Of Soul

Thick rough clouds, bleak and grim Of fear and haunt, demand Surrender of your worthless self Settle for less, submit Mercy! Cries the captive Mock the dark clouds at his sense of self Caught in the swirl of fear and…

Reclaiming Cricket In Pakistan: ‘Women In Green And Beyond’ by Mahwash Rehman (Photos)

Recently I showcased my project ‘Women In Green And Beyond’ a photojournalistic project on Pakistan’s women’s cricket team at ‘The Space’ twofour54 in Abu Dhabi. Let me briefly take you through my journey of documenting the women cricketers and more importantly…