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Maja Zavrsnik

Having studied Cultural studies, Maja is an open-minded and socially oriented person with many interests. Born and raised in Ljubljana, Slovenia, she always knew she wanted to travel and live in hybrid and diverse cities. During her studies she spend a year in Amsterdam, where she, among other things, learned the ropes of social entrepreneurship. She is fluent in 4 languages and planning to move to Berlin shorty. Her interests include exploring different cultural mindsets, the interaction between the Global North and the Global South, positive action and influence of NGOs and civil societies, challenging conflict through art and education and the power of social entrepreneurship to affect positive change.

Generation Y: Why We Are Constantly Labeled As Lazy And Entitled Millennials

Generation Y has been quite consistently present in the media in recent years. There are a lot of conceptions and misconceptions of who this generation is, what their values are and what can we expect from them when they become…

Want To Be An Entrepreneur? Here Is Some Great Advice!

Nowadays, technology, as well as success, is all around us. We are able to access any information in an instant through our smartphones and pads, which enables us to think in terms that used to be unimaginable. It is also…