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Mark Edward Brown

Mark Edward Brown is a Micro Coaching Consultant who works in the security and web traffic industry.

How To Fix The Top 3 WordPress Blog Vulnerabilities You Never Knew You Had

WordPress is the world’s most popular blogging platform. At last count there were 77 million blogs using it across the globe and the World Wide Web (http://en.wordpress.com/stats/). Approximately half or, 38.5 million blogs are self hosted or run by a WordPress administrator…

How To Achieve Recognition and Acceptance Through Business Awards

Today’s business landscape quickly changes and is an ever evolving menagerie of best practices, strategies, and time tested systems.  One way to get noticed, increase awareness and gain authority is by receiving recognition and awards for your businesses accomplishments. Business…

How to be a Leader and Lead a Successful Life

The lesson in this is that if you want successful results now, you must make changes right now. You might be living a successful life and leading a team who look to you for guidance, if that is the case…