Balance the Study-Work-Life Triangle!

When we’re still in school we take our personal alarm clocks (parents/siblings), and our automated home-work reminders (our mothers) for granted. Not much thought was put into school life, except (hopefully) while studying and attending classes!

We get to university, and many of us start thinking of things we never used to be bothered about… i.e.: Is my alarm on, what time to leave the house to make it on time, when and where to eat, when to start an assignment that’s due next week – it is an endless list!

While in uni you want to gain experience to avoid the catch 22 of needing experience to gain experience. Then you feel like the world’s worst juggler trying to balance an internship, 5 courses, family, and a social life!
The problem is, with only 24 hours a day, minus 8 hours for sleep, you hardly get 16 hours to manage your school, your career, your family and ever demanding friends. Are 16 hours really enough for all that?!

Some tips on how to balance your study-work-life triangle within 16 hours, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year!

Activate your Jarvis

Remember how Tony Stark had Miss Pots as well as a helper robot called Jarvis to remind him of his numerous commitments? Well, we’re not saying you find yourself a Miss Pots but why not turn your cell phone into your own personal Jarvis?  Mark all your major events like weddings, birthdays and family affairs on your phone calendar and set alarms for the day before so you have plenty of time to prepare, buy presents or a new outfit. Do the same for your studies and work related events and let Jarvis your smartphone do it’s job. You’ll never forget when to submit that important term paper or buy your best friend’s  birthday present!

Stop fretting, and start organizing your life

Instead of living a Charlie Sheen kind of lifestyle, try becoming Sheldon Cooper for a change, well, without the extreme bathroom scheduling, just a balanced weekly timetable. Plan the major things first, like your school, volunteering or job and sports. Then prioritize your activities like shopping, going to movies, parties and of course the ever-important downtime! Get 8 hours of sleep and you’ll feel unstoppable!

Everything is possible, if planned ahead

If you know you have something important coming up but it conflicts with a class, then all you have to do is plan ahead. Skipping a class once in a while is fine, as long as you know what you are going to miss and how to make up for it. And for the longer sighted ones, knowing what milestones you want to achieve makes it easier to see what smaller steps you need to take to get there. You can’t get a job if you don’t have a CV. So start preparing now and you’ll find that all the rest falls nicely into place.

Missing one party won’t ruin your social life

Here’s a simple question. What is most likely to guarantee you a job after graduation, an internship or a trip to Turkey? Well, unless you are specifically looking for a job in Turkey, obviously the internship. The time will come when you’ll have to choose study over attending a party or drop a vacation to gain valuable work-experience. Having clear priorities will make it all feel less harsh. After all, the bonus of having a great career is generally a great social life and multiple exotic holiday destinations.

Truth is, life is complicated but that’s exactly what makes it interesting, with a little balancing you can have it all!