How To Become The Go-To-Guy Everyone Wants To Do Business With

The feeling of having everyone come to you, asking for advice, recommendations or even business partnerships is priceless. I mean you work hard all your life, build your brand bit by bit and establish yourself as an authority in your industry, and suddenly, you start seeing the fruit of your hard work. People will beg you to mentor them, will literally throw their money at you so that they can be stakeholders in your next ventures, and you will never have to introduce yourself again.

How to get there? Not easy I’ll tell you that much. But there are tricks that, if nicely executed, can get you to that level.

Act like you know what you’re doing until you know what you’re doing

It seems like weird advice, but what I’m saying is: fake it til you make it!  People lack confidence themselves and will look up to whoever displays a strong sense of command and leadership. If two people walk up to a manager, one looking scared to death because he doesn’t know how to lead a team, and the other one equally incompetent but not showing a sign of weakness, chances are the more confident person will take the task regardless of his lack of qualifications. Confidence has an intrinsic value in itself. It’s not an illusion or a play you put on. It’s a commodity that can lead to better results. To understand this very well, take the entire financial system as an example: the banks, the stock market and whatever Wall Street stands for, works only because people have confidence in the system. If things seem to go well, that’s all that is needed. It can be a house of card, but if enough people believe it will stand still, it will stand still. As an individual you have to act that way. Always seem confident, and act confident. That way you will be broadcasting a clear and reassuring message everyone wants to hear: I know what I’m doing.

Put the right team together and become the middle man

Another aspect of becoming the go-to guy in business or in your social circles is to know how to put the right team together. If you come to me asking me to build you a mobile app for $5000, I will not hesitate to take your money and assure you I will deliver the best app you ever saw. Now I probably have no idea how to build an app, but I know that there is someone out there who can and who will accept half of that 5 grands. The law of demand and supply are as true as it can get. They’re not only theories in your Econ manual, they are real life dynamics that are harder to see but easy to comprehend. Now all you have to do is place yourself at the crossroads of that supply and demand, and cash in by matching them together. You don’t have to know how to fix a problem, all you need is to get the person to hire you and the money will do the rest. Remember, always do your homework, research a bit and find how things work, at least from a general viewpoint. Once you have that big picture in mind, you can see who you can reach to and who to go to if a specific demand is made to you.

Be the YES man, never say you can’t or you don’t know. Be the guy or girl everyone goes to whenever they need something, be it a business partner, a contractor, a mentor or a friend. If you do that, you’ll become the intermediary who cashes on every social and economic transaction that happens in your circle, in other words, you make money out of anything and everything. But to get there, you have to build that trust and credibility, and that comes first and foremost through confidence.

Picture Credit: Paramount Pictures/Wolf of Wall Street

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