When Are We Going To Wake Up? ISIS Beheading US Journalist To Set Obama Straight

A new video emerged showing ISIS militants beheading U.S. journalist James Foley, in what seems to be a yet another barbaric act by the group. The growing operations of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, along with their expanding financial and logistical capabilities has been proving to be a serious threat, but the killing of the US journalist just seems to show that the group is far more insane than we might have first thought.

“I wish I had more time. I wish I could have the hope for freedom to see my family once again,”

The beheading of Foley is yet another indication that ISIS is not a group that abides by religious laws or human rational thought, it’s no more than a terror group thirsty for blood and destruction. Their self proclaimed attempt to establish an Islamic State is no more than a coward move to leverage religion and use it as a medium to gain acceptance and popularity amongst men and women who have little knowledge of what religion stands for.

Here is a list of things that ISIS seems not to understand about Islam:

1. You don’t kill captives (Foley was not even a POW, he was a journalist)

2. You don’t drive Christians or people of other faiths out of their homes

3. Even in war, you should still uphold human values and treat your enemy with dignity

4. Islam doesn’t call for a clash of cultures and civilizations

And while a couple of thousands seem to go on a craze spree to become an Al Qaeda like terror group, the remaining 1.6 billion Muslims are and should be condemning the acts and statements of ISIS, and leveraging all resources at their disposal to uproot fundamentalism and misuse of religion on a governmental and social level. Moreover, as an international community there should be more support for military actions against ISIS in order to stop it from gaining momentum. The Iraqi security forces can’t do shit against the ISIS militants, Syrian troops are too busy massacring their own people, and that my friends, is the ultimate recipe for disaster. We’re not talking about Al Qaeda here, we’re talking about a well funded and well equipped terror group on steroids!

Recently, the world just seems to be going nuts, Humans killing each other in the name of different things, from nationalism to religion and politics, but we all seem to forget that while we may look different and believe in different things, it doesn’t make us any less human. We have one planet to share and we should learn how to live with each other, and the first step towards that is speaking up against those who try hard to destroy the essence of who we are: our humanity.

Picture Credit: ABC News