The Best Of Being Single To Mingle On Valentines Day

It’s that time of the year again, the day all women have been waiting for to see what their men are really made of, if they can step up their game and pull off the event of the year. The day all men feel the pressure of doing something special and romantic that almost sets the tone for  their relationship for yet another year. But I´m not here to preach about what you can do to pull off the ultimate Valentines Day, no, this for all the singles out there, the people that feel all blue and down because there is no one they can celebrate Valentines Day with, no one to make love to on the day of love and no one to say the three magic words to. Well calm down, there are so many benefits and perks of being single during this time of the year, let me break them down for you!

No Pressure

Can you honestly imagine all the pressure each partner endures during this time of the year? Constantly thinking of what they have to do and how they have to do it, planning weeks ahead  what they have to buy and what hot restaurant they have to book  in order to make this the perfect day. Well for the “singles clan”, there are none! There is absolutely nothing to worry about, no women to satisfy with an expensive gift and no man to please. And as much as you would like to celebrate this moment with someone you love, take this time to love yourself first. Get on the phone, buy yourself some take-out, get cracking on a couple of good movies, jump into your most comfortable PJs and embrace the moment of “me” time, because in-between your hectic schedule and visiting your family every Friday, you barley have time to for yourself!

The obligated tattoo

Is it just me or does it actually seem like Valentines Day is becoming the only day you’re obligated to tattoo your women’s name on the side of your arm or carving your mans’ initials on your wrist just to show that you’re “for real” this time? And unless you are certain that this is your “happily ever after”, somewhere deep down you’re going crazy about how you’ll be able to cover it up if things go off track. Yet again, if you’re in the “singles clan”, nothing to worry about, as a matter of fact, why don’t you run down the closest tattoo studio and in-script “single to mingle bitch” just because you can!

The Speech

What speech you ask? You see, Valentines Day has an agenda, whether you want to believe it or not! And a speech sure as hell fits into that agenda, right under “romantic walk to the chosen place” and “making love”. Now I can’t stress how much lays on this speech; the speech where you’re going to express your feelings, tell him or her how much you love them and what awaits you in the future. The dialog that also sets the tone on whether you want to take your relationship to the next level or keep it  where it´s at. Now as emotionally satisfying this may be, luckily we just have to shout out Mel Gibsons name and express how much we love him while watching “What women want” – that’s the only speech we have in mind today!

Eight Letters, Three Syllables

Ohh yes, I almost forgot, the three magic words; I Love You. Now before we move on any further, lets just get one thing straight; these three words might just be another three words in your English vocabulary, but for the majority of the people out there, they mean the world. The three words that makes you feel those gigantic butterflies in your stomach all over again, the three words that puts that huge smile on your face, the three words that makes that moment unflawed and puts everything into place. So imagine it’s Valentines day, you’ve been going out for quite a while and you’re sitting  in front of him or her glancing into their gleaming eyes waiting for them to spill out the words you´ve been dying to hear – but nothing comes out. A lot of people, during this time around, do get shut down and blue over the reason that “he never said I love you” or because “she couldn’t say it”. Singles clan; Mel Gibson is right in front of you, go for it!

Yes, I’m not going to lie, if you do have the opportunity to celebrate this day with someone you deeply love, someone you care about, then all of the headlines above are worth it! But what I’m saying is that don’t over-value this as if it was the end of time, see it as a opportunity to spend time with yourself to be happy, because remember, you don’t  need someone else’s presence to ignite the pleasure and happiness inside of you. And don’t make the stupid mistake of forcing yourself on a date with a guy or a woman just to not be alone, wonder how fun that would be? And if you’re still not convinced that spending time alone on Valentines Day is “any good” there is always next year,  you might have found the one by then.