The Best Of Being Single To Mingle

It’s been that time of the year again, the day all women were waiting for to see what their men were really made of, if they could step up their game and pull off the event of the year – Valentine’s Day. The day all men feel the pressure of doing something special and romantic, something that will set the tone for their relationship for yet another year. But I´m not here to preach about what you can do to pull off the ultimate Valentine’s Day or how to make your relationship work out, no, this for all the singles out there, the people who feel all blue and down because they got no one to cuddle with on a Saturday night. The people who are so desperate to share their love with someone, that they would honestly date anyone just for them to hear the three magic words. Well calm down, you see, while you are so blinded by the obsession of finding the right man or woman to satisfy your needs, there are so many benefits and perks of actually being single. Let me break it down to you.

The Pressure

 First things first – the pressure! Can you honestly imagine all the pressure and constant gravity of thoughts each partner has – what they have to do and how they have to do it, planning weeks ahead what they have to buy for the right occasion and of course, the necessity for constant spontaneous thoughts in order to keep the spark alive. Now yes this may all be worth it when you’re in a relationship, but you’re not, so snap out of it! For the “singles clan”, pressure is not on the list! There is absolutely nothing to worry about, no women to satisfy with an expensive gift and no man to please. And as much as you would like to celebrate New Years’ Eve or Valentine’s Day with someone you love, take this time to love yourself first. Get on the phone, buy yourself some take-out, get cracking on a couple of good movies, jump into your most comfortable PJs and embrace the moment of “me” time, because in-between your hectic schedule and visiting your family every Friday, you barley have time for yourself!

The obligated tattoo

 Is it just me or does it actually seem like for every relationship we “fall for” you’re obligated to tattoo your woman’s name on the side of your arm or to script your mans’ initials on your wrist just to show that you’re “for real” this time. And unless you’re certain that this is your “happily ever after”, somewhere deep down you’re going crazy about how you’ll be able to cover it up if things go off track. I mean you have no idea how many friends I have that have tried to make the name “Sofia” or “Mark” look like a designer flower…. its hilarious! But yet again, if you’re in the “singles clan”, nothing to worry about, as a matter of fact, why don’t you run down the closest tattoo studio and in-script “single to mingle bitch” just because you can!

The Wallet

It’s not like it’s some hidden truth or myth, and there is absolutely no shame in saying it – yes you do save a ton of money while being single. Now just because you’re stating this doesn’t mean that you’re cheap, no, it’s simply stating a fact. And don’t lie to yourself saying that it doesn’t affect your wallet, when it does! It’s her birthday and you want to buy her that new Chanel bag that she´s been talking about for weeks now. He just got promoted and you want to throw him a little party to show your love and support. Small expenses like these play a vital role in keeping a relationship sustainable, and more importantly, keeps the spark alive. Now I understand how receiving a gift from a partner you love can be more satisfying than ever because of that overwhelming feeling you get, but understand something; You do not need a man or a woman to make yourself happy! And even though plenty of people have that mentality, it’s crazy! Why would you chain your happiness to another man or woman that’s sooner or later going to turn into an obsession because “you can’t live without them”? The question is not if you can’t live without them, it’s if you won’t live without them.

You don’t need anybody to make you happy, get it? Being happy is a decision you make, not a consequence of your circumstances. Learn and accept that you are, in fact, allowed to be single and happy (simultaneously), because once you do, life will become so much simpler. So clean yourself up, put on your ultimate outfit and do what ever you want to do, with whoever you want to do it with, not because you can, but because you deserve it.

No Commitments

 Couples are couples, committed and devoted to each other and no one else. Their time and efforts are almost solely concentrated on their relationship, trying to keep the spark and their feelings alive. And sometimes as much as you might be into another woman or interested in another man, you can’t really do anything about it without putting your current relationship in jeopardy. Now I’m not saying that you’re limiting your options when being with one partner, you’re probably very happy with whom you’re with now and can’t wish for anything else – great! All I’m saying is that you’re not as emotionally chained as all the singles out there – I mean after all, they are emotions, and just like the stock-market you never know how they´re going to act or react, whether they go up, down, sideways or in freaking circles – you simply don’t know.

Hello singles! Yes take this opportunity, not to run out and find the closest and best fish you can get your hands on, but to mingle around and see what’s out there on the market. There are no commitments to any man or woman. No cupcake Tuesdays and certainly no family dinners you have to attend. As a matter of fact the only thing you have to commit to right now, is for you to be happy and nothing else! Once you´ve had your “me” time, felt fulfilled and content about your current state in life – then you can bring out the big guns and try to go for it.

 Eight Letters, Three Syllables

I almost forgot, the three magic words; I Love You. Now before we move on any further, lets just get one thing straight; these three words might just be another three words in your English vocabulary, but for some people, they mean the world. The three words that make you feel those gigantic butterflies in your stomach all over again, the three words that put that huge smile on your face, the three words that makes that moment unflawed and puts everything into place. So lets imagine it’s New Years’ eve, you’re minutes away before the clock strikes midnight which means a new beginning of a new year and more importantly, a new clean slate, a new page of your two year long relationship. Now he might be glancing into your gleaming eyes waiting for you to spill out the words you´ve been dying to hear – but nothing comes out. He keeps on waiting thinking you’re just as caught up in the moment as he is, but you can’t seem to say it anymore.

Now yes, if you do have the opportunity to share your intimacy and love with someone you care about, then all the headlines above are probably worth it. But the people in the singles clan are not forced to say the “three magic words” due to the immense mental pressure you might have to say it. We´re not obligated to share the “three syllables” just to make it official. You can wait, wait as long as you like, figure out the right time to met your man or women, go on a couple of dates, see what’s hiding behind the curtains, and then, then you can start thinking about saying “I Love You”.

And if you’re still not convinced that you don’t need another man or woman’s presence to make you happy, I’ll leave you with one last thought; Statistically speaking, single people tend to see nothing but happy couples, and in contrast, couples tend to see nothing but happy singles. You do the math.

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