The best way to solve problems is… Just ignore them!

Probably the title of this article makes some readers think that I´m crazy, or that I have no clue about anything in life. And yes, they are probably right. But that doesn´t mean that I´m not right about this. And I´m gonna explain why.

How many times have you been racking your brain for days and days with a problem that finally never materialized?
This is an inherent characteristic to the human being, to be always worrying about the “what if…”.

And I’ll give you an example of what I´m saying: In the jungle, when a lion is hungry, it goes to a place where a herd of gazelle is eating, and starts chasing them. They are its food. When it catches one, it devours it just there and the rest of the gazelles… well, they stop running and continue eating grass as if nothing had happened. Why? Because the lion has satisfied his hunger with the gazelle it has hunted, and there is no reason to keep running away from him.

If humans were in the position of gazelles, we would run away from the lion, and when it had hunted one of us, what the rest of humans would do? CONTINUE RUNNING AWAY! But, why? Because we would be thinking: and what if it has been done to me? And what if the lion is still hungry? And what if…? And what if…?

It´s said that the human being is the only animal capable of ruining its own life. Some psychological studies show that 40% of our worries will never materialize. 30% belong to the past, so we can do nothing to change them. 12% are basically critics of other people, over which we don´t have any control. 10% are worries about health that only make us feel worse and worse. And, here comes the best of all, only 8% of our worries are about real problems, problems that we can solve, and things that we really should worry about. Only 8%. We´re everytime thinking and thinking and thinking about thousands of things and only  8% of those things have a real impact on our lives. How do you feel now that you know this?

” Your mind only sees what it wants to see.”

It´s clear that overthinking ruins everything. Thinking too much makes people get depressed.
You have failed your test? Well, that’s it! You cannot do anything to change that, so stop worrying. Do you think your girlfriend may be cheating? Ok, but… what if she´s not doing so? Who cares about what you think? It will not change anything. So stop stressing about everything and get your shit together.

If you have a problem, ignore it. Just pretend it doesn´t exist. Our reality is made by our own thoughts. Stop hurting yourself. Change the way you think. Think in a positive way. Instead of focusing on problems, focus your attention on solutions.
Change your thoughts and they will change your way of perceiving the world.

“There is no truth. There is only perception.”