Bigger, Taller, Better: Saudi Arabia Blasts UAE’s Burj Khalifa Off The Map

It is absolutely crazy how skyscrapers are flourishing in the Gulf, as the construction of the 3,280 foot Saudi skyscraper will commence next week, kicking Dubai off their high-horsed pedestal. The Kingdom Tower will become the world’s tallest building once completed. A building that, according to ABC News, has a total of 200 floors, making it 569 feet taller than Middle East’s Eiffel Tower, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Now considering that Saudi Arabia isn’t really your first choice for tourism, the Kingdom Tower will actually be one of the kingdom’s main attractions, containing a Four Season Hotel, ¬†luxury apartments and an astonishing 98-foot terrace on the 157th floor where tourists and visitors can stare upon the coastal city of Jeddah along the ¬†Red Sea.

But getting in the ring with Dubai won’t be easy, as the construction of the Kingdom Tower is expected to cost 1.23 billion dollars, requiring up to 80,000 tons of steel and a crazy 5.7 million square feet of concrete, but the excitement doesn’t stop there. According to the Wire, the skyscraper will be built by the Saudi Bin Laden Group, the construction company that was established by Osama Bin Laden’s Father, Mohammed. Now if that doesn’t send a message, this sure will, as the Saudi Prince, Al Walweed, said previously in 2011, when the giant construction was first announced, that the purpose of this construction was to “send a message of strength.”

Bellow is a comparison of the worlds tallest building, just to give you a slight perspective of this monumental construction:


Picture Credit: Huffington Post