Bill Gates Projected Losing All Microsoft Stock In 4 Years

We all know Bill Gates, the ex-chief executive and chairman of the almighty Microsoft, the generous philanthropist who is spending his hard earned billions on noble causes around the globe – but is he being too generous? According to The Entrepreneur, within four years, Gates won’t have any direct ownership of the company he co-founded if he keeps the same pace on selling his stocks.

Bill Gates, who co-founded this technological monster that has absolutely inspired and modernized the computing world together with his school buddy Paul Allen back in 1975, has sold an astonishing 20 million dollars worth of shares every quarter for the last 30 years under a fixed pre-set trading plan. A plan that, if executed for 4 more years, leaves him with zero Microsoft stock in 2018. And to top it all of, he managed to sell a bunch of stock this week which threw him off the pedestal of being Microsofts’ largest individual shareholder, making Steve Ballmer, the former CEO of Microsoft, the largest individual shareholder as of now.

Now obviously him being eclipsed from his former leading position doesn’t make his stocks ownership insignificant. According to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Bill Gates now “just” owns 330 million Microsofts’ shares, which really is a buzz-kill as Ballmer owns just over 333 million.

But lets not forget the fact that Gates owned a total of 49 percent of Microsoft when it initially launched publicly in 1986 – which instantly boomed him into the multi-billionaires exclusive club. Since then, the company has only grown exponentially, making Bill Gates one of the worlds’ wealthiest people who still, to this day, maintains a fortune of approximately 77 billion dollars according to Forbes.

But never the less, this is shedding light on a unique and extraordinary trait of an individual who has fully embraced the philanthropical lifestyle, jumping down from the CEO role as well as  standing down as chairman, devoting his time and efforts to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which funny enough, is mostly funded by the cash he was able to generate through Microsoft.

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Picture Credit: Mashable

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