Blue Is The New Green: Facebook Now Worth $200 Billion

Who thought that a guy in a college dorm could create a product valued at over $200 Billion? It’s crazy how Facebook has been going from one success story to another, making it clear that the vision behind the social network is not only about a website, but more about an experience everyone can capitalize on, especially advertisers!

The Facebook stock rose to $77.89, making the company’s market value just over $200 Billion, or $201.9 Billion to be exact. Why? Advertisement!

Facebook managed so well to build a perfect platform for advertisers to reach a billion potential consumer, especially with its recent move to make its mobile presence better fitted for online mobile advertisement. Put it simply, Facebook management, and Mark especially, know what they’re doing, and they’re betting big time on smartphones as the capital medium for their social experience.

Investors love it so far, and their enthusiasm is well reflected on Facebook’s stock price. Make it rain cash!

And Mark Zuckerberg in all of this? Well, his wealth now is valued at $34.5 Billion. Not bad huh!

Photo Credit: Getty Images