How to boost your life with “the 100 people challenge”

Challenging yourself to meet a hundred new people is beneficial to all imaginable areas of your life. Social capital will penetrate through different layers of everyday reality, regardless of actually feeling the impact straight away. And that’s just the beginning!

Out of sheer principles of probability, there is an undeniable chance that among 100 people you get to know, you will find at least one unbelievably amazing person. That certain someone will change your life by becoming one of your best friends, a lover, a business partner or something completely different. The bottom line is, he or she will make an impact to your life (no doubt about it happening vice-versa) by opening up new horizons of reality. During our life so far, we have all met such people, but it has always taken at least some effort of being in different social circles to hit the jackpot.


The most important thing to emphasize here is that the practice of accumulating your social capital is not a one-way-street. You have to give back at least the same amount as others have given to you. We are not talking about using people, this is rather about creating bonds and friendships. The whole reason we got down to the talk about new horizons and realities can be summarised with a question: how often have we really given a thought about the role of people around us?

 Imagine some of the best moments in your life. Whether it’s that trip of a lifetime or graduating from school, I am sure that at least some of them were shared with good friends or with that special someone. It may even be that all of these moments were socially shared, which makes you already damn good at using important social skills. That said, did you know these people all your life and would you have had the same moments without ever meeting them in the first place? Family aside, we usually meet people randomly throughout our lifetime. Especially when we are young and even more open to creating new connections. Most of the time it happens randomly and as we saw before, some unforgettable events and memories have resulted from this unconscious activity. If the focus was changed from merely passive experiencing to active participation, the results could be astounding.

 The challenge of setting a goal of meeting a hundred new people is easy and hard at the same time. First of all, for sure, it will change your life and you will leave the comforts of your safe harbour. We all have that place, commonly known as comfort zone, and meeting these people is a sure way to take one step out of it. For an avid networker, it doesn’t really feel uncomfortable. Until it’s the time to take the second and the third step! Now, this is the moment where it gets harder even for the  savvy networker, yet it’s bringing more development and success at the same time. Don’t just meet, try to get to know each of them at least on some higher level!

A lot of people are being quite picky about whom they want to share personal experiences and lessons of life with or make shared plans for the future. It’s completely understandable and that is how the world works. Still, the potential lies in trying more and more to learn about others even though you might not feel like it in the first place. Amazing discoveries can be made that you would have never expected, which will lead to further mutual learning, sharing and creating. In other words, activities that are essential to success.


Synergy is important not only in developing your social capital, but creating it is especially critical in this networking context. While surfing the waves of the social world, don’t miss your chance to create brotherhoods, meaningful groups or even communities on the way! Groups are more than just a certain number of people. Many books have been written about the power of groups’ synergy, but don’t start from there. Dare to start from practice! Try to discover common-minded people, shared interests and mutual dreams. Especially people with similar dreams because that’s where the magic happens. Explosive potential lies in having the same passion against reaching a common goal. Out of these hundred people, at least one team can be made, whatever the reason lying behind the formation.

3 quick tips to get most out of your new endeavour

1. Make a journal

It doesn’t really matter whether it’s an actual diary or just a blank note in your iPhone’s app. Instead, it is important that you find a canvas that suits your taste in order to keep all the results of the challenge with you.

2. Write

For each person you met, write down at least one thing that you learned from them. Add anything else memorable next to their name.

3. Be open

Don’t judge a person by his or her appearance as you wouldn’t choose a book to read by its cover. Good networkers do use their subconscious feelings to guide themselves around a cocktail party, but don’t succumb to making prejudiced decisions. Putting all effort at concentrating on the exterior might lose you some valuable insights, inspiring stories or even big partnerships. Be smart and don’t only have fun in shallow waters, just dive in!

After the challenge…

 100 people? Well, this is just a nice round number to get started. Doing more of these challenges or with a greater aim will benefit you and others, no question about it! Be warned though, it’s not merely a game of numbers. Created value and success behind the numbers is what really counts. In the end, it’s about enjoying the results, creating meaningful relationships regardless if these are business, love or friendship based. Real value is created by adding time and effort and while jumping around in the social world might seem fun, the results would be highly questionable. Good reminder is that this technique is meant to be a life-enhancing method, rather than a non-stop lifestyle.

You have given something to each of these hundred people, whether it’s just a nice conversation or a helping hand, and you have learned at least one thing from each of them. By now, you know the people that were particularly interesting and matched well with you. Maybe this got you even heading towards the creation of new groups.

 Finally, the game got easier again. Make deeper connections. Make memories. Do business together or enjoy leisure time. In the social sphere, everything is about synergy and this intense search for reciprocal energy has now brought you heaps of it in many different forms.