Brunch Review: Exquisite Dining Experience at Giardino Palazzo Versace

Brunch is for many a culinary retreat where you get the chance to indulge your cravings without feeling guilty at the prospect of having a 4 course meal and few glasses of wine at 2 pm. After all, it is a breakfast and a lunch combined so you may as well pack as many calories for the occasion. But, to find the adequate brunch menu and venue can be a daunting experience, taking away from the pleasure and joy that the brunch laissez faire spirit is all about. If you happen to be in Dubai, then you have a cause to rejoice, because weekend brunch is about to become a luxury-infused ritual you won’t be able to dodge for the foreseeable future.

If fine dining could be exemplified, then the Giardino at Palazzo Versace would be the closest you can get! We had a chance to visit the award winning hotel and spend a few transporting hours at its landmark Giardino restaurant, and from what we can tell, the Versace effect just took on a culinary flair.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 4.37.23 PM

Dining at the Giardino is not as simple as enjoying a brunch, it’s a transformative journey where you push your tasting curiosity to its limits and where your palates are taunted by a burst of flavours. The vast selection of cuisines, the attention to details and the authenticity of the preparation and serving left us speechless, and left our taste buds titillating with pleasure and satisfaction.

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Verdict? If you haven’t tried brunch at the Giardino Palazzo Versace, you have’t tried brunch at all!

Brunch at Palazzo Versace Dubai takes place every Friday from 1-4pm. For reservations go to www.palazzoversace.ae or call +971 4 556 8840

More photos of the event, courtesy of Ahlan live, ITP

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Photo Credit: Ahlan Live, ITP