Burj Khalifa? China’s Construction Of The Worlds’ Tallest Building Will Save The World

Lets face it, architecture firms and money-hungry governments have often been blamed for the worlds’ most pressing environmental problems, as unsustainable constructions really haven’t declined, but rather exponentially increased in order to keep up with the worlds’ Snap-chatting, Instagraming and fast paced urban expansion. Yet, a bright light have been spotted at the end of the tunnel, presenting mind-blowing innovations that have the technological capability of changing the world!  So while it seemed like “oil-fuled” countries were capitalizing on unimaginable sky-scrapers in order to flourish their “tourist-reliable” economy, China popped up with an extraordinary vision that’s capable of saving the world.

Chatwoods, the UK architecture firm, has come up with a design for a uniquely structured skyscraper that will quite literally blow Dubais’ Burj Khalifa out of the water – and save the world while it’s at it. Stretching up to a little over a kilometer, this amazing “building” might just be the essential solution to Chinas’ catastrophic pollution disaster, a problem that has affected millions of lives over the years.

The Phoenix Towers are literally Chinas’ only hope of restoring the city of Wuhans’ massive pollution problem. The Phoenix Towers use a complex mechanical system which will, all at the same time, filter Wuhans’ air and water pollution, collect solar, wind and even hydrogen power and harvest rainwater. But it gets better. On top of all of that, it’ll be able to house restaurants and business, boil biomass and, all in all, aim to solve Chinas’ every ecological and environmental problem – is it just me or is The Phoenix Towers just the right name for this genius innovation?

Unlike Dubais’ iconic sky-scraper, Burj Khalifa, the founder Laurie Chetwood emphasizes on the towers’ game-changing ability to change the world. In an interview, Dezeen said “It doesn’t just stand there and become an iconic symbol of Wuhan, it has to do a job. We’ve applied as many environmental ideas as we possibly could to justify the shape and the size of them.”

Though by now, you’d think we’d gone through all the mind-blowing features – well you’re wrong. Apart from the towers’ “super-power” abilities, Chatwoods’ actually managed to design The Phoenix Towers so that they actually resonate with the  religion and philosophy of the locals. The spectacular design joins western modern technology and design with the Chinese ancient myth of the phoenix, representing the dual gender this iconic and legendary bird has in the Chinese iconography. The spiritual idea behind this construction was to have some kind of peace proposal to the shady history of Western development insensitivity to local customs and traditions.

Picture Credit: The Creators Project
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